REVIEW: MINIX NEO P1 a powerful 66W GaN charger

MINIX NEO P1 It is the new fast charger of the MINIX brand that we present today in your analysis or review of the new charger. A small charger that hides great power despite its small size.

This new charger arrives up to 66 W and has GaN technology (Gallium Nitride) with which it is possible to significantly reduce the size of this type of device, increasing its efficiency. This charger allows us to use two charging modes, Power Delivery 3.0 through its two ports USB Type-C oriented to laptops with high demand and also Quick Charge 3.0 of course USB Type-A to Smartphones that have different phases of fast charge. Let’s see how it is defended in our review.

  • MINIX NEO P1 can be purchased at or in from € 38.92 with shipping included.


Main data Format: 66 W GaN compact fast charger
Maximum Power: 66 W
Ports: 2x USB Type-C / 1x USB Type-A
Charging phases:
– USB Type-C = Power Delivery 3.0 / 5-15V / 3A (15-45W) / 20V / 3.25A (65W)
– USB Type-A = Quick Charge 3.0 / 5V / 3A (15W) / 9V / 3A (27W) / 12V / 3A (36W) / 20V / 1.8A (36W)
– Dynamic Smart Detection
Plug adapters: Type-A (US) / Type-C (EU) / Type-G (UK)
Others: English Manual / Status Led
Measurements and weight: 50 x 50 x 30 mm / 240 g


The new charger MINIX NEO P1 It arrives in a perfectly protected cardboard box, inside we find two transport cases to carry the charger and its adapter. We also have a manual in English that may interest us to see the different charging phases.

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When we take the charger out of the box MINIX NEO P1 no adapter is mounted and we can only extend the connectors to USA, with these closed connectors we can fit the adapter European or UK. The size is very compact for a charger of this power, as they are normally the size of a large laptop charger. In the back we have the port USB Type-A, two ports USB Type-C and a small white status LED.


The MINIX NEO P1 supports countless devices that support fast charging protocols Apple Power Delivery 3.0 that we find in the iPhone, iPad and Macbook, also with Quick Charge 4.0+ which is used in Android mobiles with Qualcomm SoC. Also, therefore, be compatible with other mobiles with Mediatek processors, PC laptops compatible with fast charging or consoles like the popular one. Nintendo switch.


Available ports

In the rear area of ​​the MINIX NEO P1 where we have the different ports, the space between them is quite large and we will have no problems connecting cables of all kinds. We can use all the ports for smartphones, but the USB Type-A are more compatible in different charging modes Quick Charge 3.0 Android, the ports USB Type-C allow us to load any device, but the protocol Power Delivery 3.0 is ideal for products of Manzana, it is not a problem to use one or the other, our device will not be damaged.

Loading phases

In the new charger MINIX NEO P1 We have different charging systems depending on the port we are using and in the list that comes in the instructions we can see what power each connector supplies. The charger is controlled by Dynamic Smart Detection which ensures always select the maximum possible charge of the charger without damaging the device.

  • USB Type-C = Power Delivery 3.0 / 5-15V / 3A (15-45W) / 20V / 3.25A (65W)
  • USB Type-A = Quick Charge 3.0 / 5V / 3A (15W) / 9V / 3A (27W) / 12V / 3A (36W) / 20V / 1.8A (36W)
Excel – calculate the count from one sheet and paste into another sheet in the same workbook


Load tests

We connect to MINIX NEO P1 a smartphone Android with fast charging compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 through one of its USB Type-A ports, the charger detects it without problems and reaches the 18 W peak load directly. As we can see in the load graph in 20 minutes we have almost completely our Smartphone. Charging from a USB Type-C port also works smoothly and supplies the maximum power the device demands using Power Delivery 3.0 up to 165 W.

Thermal test

While charging and using the MINIX NEO P1 We check with a plug meter what power it is supplying and also the surface temperature it reaches. If you have a high supply mode it heats up superficially, but this is normal, the case is already designed to dissipate heat and it serves its purpose. We will only feel the surface hot to the touch and it does not reach high temperatures, if we disconnect it immediately it reaches almost zero temperature.



This new charger MINIX NEO P1 As we can see, it gives us interesting features, a charger with a very compact size what gives us up 66 W power. We have two different types of ports focused on laptops, tablets or smartphones and if we have a device compatible with Quick Charge 3.0 Android the charger will detect it and we will have maximum efficiency. We can also use it with powerful devices such as laptops MacBook, iPad in ports USB Type-C thanks to the connection Power Delivery 3.0 that incorporates and others such as Nintendo switch or laptops Microsoft Surface.

Music and Games

With the inclusion of the GaN technology (Gallium Nitride) we have a very high efficiency and the charger heats up in a controlled way for the power it delivers. Keep in mind that a 66 W charger is usually larger.

The charger MINIX NEO P1 it is without a doubt Valid option if we want to quickly charge our Smartphone, laptop or tablet thanks to the fast charging compatibility that it offers us.

Purchase options

  • MINIX NEO P1 can be purchased at or in from € 38.92 with shipping included.

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