Review: Malicious Rebirth

Original graphic style, huge opponents and characters to choose from – are these elements enough for the production to be good?

Unfortunately not. Malicious Rebirth is not a game that will sell the PS Vita system. It is also not a title that will discourage you from buying a Sony portable console. So what is a person turning on Alvion’s production to deal with?

First of all, be prepared for a simple game. It focuses on dealing with great creatures and their subordinates. The questions may immediately arise: why does this monster look like this? What’s his story? Why does he have so many followers? The player’s curiosity will not be satisfied. It is true that there is an option “Backstory” in the menu, but it does not explain all the elements that appear in the game world. The lion’s share of the aspects is left to the recipient’s guesswork, or simply has no historical justification. This is a huge drawback, the Malicious: Rebirth universe is therefore shallow and not as addictive as it would if the events were properly scratched.

Gameplay focuses on fighting opponents. During my short adventure (I needed 95 minutes to complete the game), the selected character will face several opponents that differ mainly in appearance. Of course, the behavior of virtual enemies is unique to each of them, but it does not translate into the way of dealing with the mascara. Each fight can be won very easily – just lock the camera on your nemesis, jump and attack the enemy until he falls dead. Of course, you can try to avoid the beast’s blows, try to sneak up on them from behind and attack when they are exposed. However, this doesn’t make sense for a number of reasons.
First, killing the boss is the only goal of any mission; you can ignore followers and focus on the main monster, thereby winning the match.
Second, don’t worry about the damage you take. It is enough to defeat a few private opponents, gaining the appropriate number of aura points (mainly used to strengthen attacks) and then converting them to heal the character.

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It is worth mentioning the evaluation of the player’s actions. At the end of each fight, you receive a note for individual elements – the time of defeating the opponent, the hits received, the number of elements lost (the character breaks down due to the damage taken), or, for example, the maximum combination. The notes are in line with the English grading – the grades range from D to S. S is the best, while the further in the alphabet after A there is the letter that the player will get, the worse he did in a given aspect.
What was supposed to be the strength of the production – clashes with huge opponents – due to their triviality and simplicity, quickly become boring and make Malicious: Rebirth often played not so much for fun, but only to finish the title.

The characters played by the player can do quite a lot. The basic skill is jump – initially triple, and finally six times. Bouncing, of course, allows you to get to higher positions and find enemies, but also allows you to dive and hurt the opponents below.
Another action that the hero (s) can perform is attack. There are light, fast blows and stronger, but slow and exposing the player to the blows of opponents. As in almost any game focused on clashes, light and strong blows can be combined to create effective and effective combinations. However, they do not bring pleasure, and only – through a small number of “combos” – deepen the feeling of boredom with the game.

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The situation is also not saved by new abilities and weapons. You get it for defeating the boss, which can be a motivation to engage in battles with opponents. You can get a sword from one, a spear from another, and a shield from another – the differentiation of bonuses seems quite interesting and useful at the beginning, but it disappears when you continue to spend time with Malicious: Rebirth – boredom begins to play the first violin again, overshadowing the better sides of the studio’s work Alvion.

These include, for example, sound enhancement. In the “astral menu”, from which you can choose (in any order, which is a significant advantage), the scene on which the player will fight a given boss, calm, subdued music. The sounds of impacts can also be enjoyed, but a significant drawback is the lack of background music during the mission. The voices of the characters are not above average and are not memorable.

Another advantage of production is the graphic style. The architecture of the location can delight, as well as the character models (in my opinion, the opponents look better than the character controlled by the player) and the lighting effects. The visual side of Malicious: Rebirth is one of the elements that positively influence the final perception of the work.

And it is quite difficult to assess. On the one hand, there is a boring gameplay and an indifferent world. On the other hand, there is an interesting sound and an interesting visual side. Therefore, is it worth having a reviewed production? If you are interested in a simple game to spend short moments and relax – you may be interested in Malicious. However, if you expect more from the title and prefer longer meetings with Vita, I do not advise you to get the reviewed production.

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Thanks to XSEED for submitting the game for review.