Review: Layers of Fear: Legacy (Switch)

Another game from the Polish studio Bloober Team today it went to the Nintendo Switch console library. Layers of Fear: Legacy is a remastered version of the production released two years ago, incl. for PS4 and Xbox One. Let’s check how the latest Japanese machine coped with this interesting horror movie.

The main character of this production is a painter with an unknown name. When we start the game, we end up in a large house. The goal of the game is revealed after finding the first key and reaching the workshop. The artist is supposed to create the perfect image, which is hindered by mental problems. We get to know history through pages scattered around the building or objects evoking memories.

The gameplay is mainly based on the exploration of the house. We walk around consecutive rooms where we can search most of the cabinets and drawers, or use selected items. Along the way, we pass various elements that are supposed to cause us fear and anxiety – starting from the melting images, the crying of a child coming from nowhere, to the self-starting equipment.

The most interesting mechanics are frequent changes in the visited building, caused by the hero’s mental problems. Sometimes a 360-degree rotation is enough to reveal a completely different image or a new, previously non-existent transition. More than once, when we go through the same door twice, we see a changed or completely different room. It is also worth remembering that when entering the next room, the door is often slammed behind us, so there is no return to the previous rooms. All of this constantly builds up a feeling of unease.

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The main campaign is enough for about 3-4 hours of gameplay. Except that, Layers of Fear: Legacy contains the Inheritance additive, extending the whole thing by an additional one or two hours. Choosing it from the main menu allows us to learn the story of the painter’s daughter, who experienced **** in her childhood. During the game, we can see, among others how the father’s behavior contributed to the breakdown of the family. The gameplay itself does not differ much from the base – we visit the same, though almost collapsing building.

As announced, a few new options for the Nintendo Switch have been implemented in the game. The game supports i.a. control by means of movement or a touch screen, or the HD Rumble vibration system. However, while the last one works well, the rest is just weak.

Using the touchscreen works poorly. Attempting to open anything by touch almost always results in the camera jumping to a completely different place. It is more convenient to play mobile on the Joy-Con connected to the console. The interesting possibility of performing certain actions by means of movement is not much better. In theory, this should allow you to better delve into production.

By choosing separate Joy-Cons for the game, we can open cabinets, drawers and doors, or, for example, dial a code in a safe by pressing ZR and making the appropriate gesture. Unfortunately, during the game I had a lot of problems with this option, so opening a single drawer almost always required a few attempts. For the time being, I thought it might be my Joy-Con’s fault, but the other pair was the same. Although you can get used to it and finish the whole game this way, it can be irritating at times. The most convenient way to play the game is to control the hero or heroine in the standard way with buttons and *****.

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In terms of audiovisual setting, this title fares well. Dark graphics combined with an atmospheric soundtrack create an atmosphere appropriate for a horror movie. The only problem is that the game stutters for a fraction of a second, but this happens rarely enough that it does not interfere with the gameplay.

Layers of Fear: Legacy is a great and extremely atmospheric horror game, which is definitely worth playing regardless of the platform you have. The edition for the Nintendo Switch looks and works fine. The biggest problem with it is poorly working control via the touch screen, or movement control. The only real advantage of the edition for the Switch over the others is the portability of the console, allowing you to continue the game while, for example, traveling.

The game was provided for review by Bloober Team.