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Review: KickBeat

Review: KickBeat

In my recent experience with music games I had been rather wary of KickBeat. Were my fears right? I invite you to read the reviews.

Let’s start with the basic information. The title was created by a studio that for Vita owners should be associated with Zen Pinball, i.e. Zen Studios. KickBeat is a combination of a fighting game and a music game. The player starts the game as a young adept of the monastery guarding the music sphere. After some time, he learns that he has been chosen to save the music from the enemies who want to destroy it.

For this, you have to fight them. They all take place in a similar way – the player’s character stands in the middle, where there is a Ying-Yang sign (representing our Chi power and life). A very interesting solution that replaces the usual health and power bars. After a while, music starts playing and enemies appear around the arena. Initially, they circle around the player and slowly get closer. They then attack from three directions that correspond to a cross, a triangle, a square, and a circle. Opponents, depending on the color of the clothes, have their own properties. For example: reds always attack in two, which requires pressing two buttons at the same time. Sometimes various types of bosses stand in the way of the player, but the fight against them is similar to that of ordinary opponents.

The button press sequences are perfectly positioned for each track; so much so that at some point you can guess when to press a button, or you know what color your opponent is about to attack. As it is a music game, there could not be no shortage of different types of songs. There are pieces by various artists, such as Pendulum or Marilyn Manson. There are 18 recordings – one per board. Unfortunately, this is not much, and the tracks are only available for an hour. The creators, however, were aware of this, so they added the possibility of uploading their own songs. However, it is difficult to arrange all the parameters so that the moments of pressing the buttons are perfectly synchronized.

In addition to the aforementioned mode with own songs (Beat Your Music), the player has access to a campaign that can be played as Lee or Mei. Both characters do not differ much except their gender. The same difficulty levels and tracks are available for both. I recommend starting the game with training, which helps you get to know the controls and the properties of your opponents. After completing the tutorial, you can start campaign mode. After that, another option is unlocked – free play. It allows you to play earlier songs with the possibility of setting various types of parameters. There is also a survival mode where the goal is to survive in the ring as long as possible.

The game is at a high level in terms of graphics. The arenas are dynamic and there is always something going on in the background. During the campaign, between the songs, you can watch hand-painted animations that show the plot. Fighting opponents is a great pleasure thanks to various types of blows and a large number of finishers. The movements of characters and opponents were perfectly reproduced.

To sum up: KickBeat, despite its short storyline, is a really great exercise for fingers (especially when opponents are attacking from all sides). The difficulty level is well-balanced and increases as you progress. The lack of a large number of songs compensates for the possibility of uploading your own songs, but it does not make the game so much fun. The title looks nice visually and sonically.

Gameplay: 9

Graphics: 9

Music: 10

My game rating: 9.5

Pros / Pros:

-Soundtrack will appeal to people listening to various music genres

– Nice graphics

-Ciekawy game idea / Intresting game idea

-Świetne character animations / Great character animations

Cons / Cons:

-Mało się / Not enough tracks

We would like to thank Zen Studios for submitting the game for review / Thanks for Zen Studios for providing a review copy.

The game premieres on September 11, 2013!