Review: Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s about time!

When it comes to porting games to the Nintendo console, we are dealing with a lottery, where not everything is always successful. How does Crash 4 fare?

In my review I will focus on the quality of the port, I will devote less space to the description of the game itself. In this respect, it does not differ from the version on other platforms. Yes, the fourth Crash can accompany you on your travels or lounging in bed, losing nothing of what you have seen on other platforms. All levels, characters, skills, videos are qualitatively the same. It also does not seem like something has been added to the game specifically for its Switch version. This makes it easier to compare the game in terms of the technical aspects alone. So let’s get to the point.

Control and presentation

As for the controls, it is assigned in the same way as in the PlayStation 4 versions, for example. This is the optimal layout of the keys, where we can, but do not have to use the triggers. The main action buttons are located under 4 buttons (A, B, X, Y), the left stick is used to control the character, and the right stick – the camera.

What can we say about the visual presentation? Honestly speaking, I didn’t notice any major differences at first glance. However, of course, I looked deeper. The Nintendo Switch version differs in many smaller details. They were impoverished in such a way that, in general, we can talk about very similar appearance of both versions!

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What are these changes? Some models in the background load depending on where our character is located. I mean very distant backgrounds, not the environment needed to move around. Some models were geometrically impoverished, as was the detail of the shadows and the quality of the water effect. Let me just say that in order to catch the above differences, you need to compare the existing versions with the one for the Nintendo console. The edition dedicated to the Switch is still not bad then; this is a very detailed optimization that paid off with a great look of the game – both in docked and portable mode.

30 boxes… that is frames per second!

Well, at first glance, this is the statistic that has been lowered for the Nintendo Switch version from about 60 frames seen on other consoles. However, do not be confused by appearances. This does not mean that the Switch game is jumping. In addition to lowering the number of frames, they were locked at a given value. This means that the game does not catch the “good or bad” moments because it is expected to run smoothly all the time. And that’s what happens. I don’t need to explain what would happen with a precisely measured and anticipated jump if the game got “out of breath” during it.

The only moment when I could sense any grind is the hero’s death. I suspect that the game is already starting to load the previous checkpoint at this point. However, it is almost imperceptible, and the moment it occurs does not have the slightest impact on the gameplay. We watch then at most the animation of the hero’s death, which we no longer have any influence on. The task of optimizing the smooth display of the game on the Switch was therefore carried out very well. Let me remind you that the frame locking was not used in the PS4 / Xbox One versions, which could have been a problem during the game.

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First impression

Before we delve into the world of crazy jamraj, however, we will have to see the manufacturer and developer logos, which are completely silent (despite the fact that Crash appears on them). For a moment I thought something was wrong with my console’s settings. Then we have to literally click through two twenty-page documents and accept them. I did not want to start with this paragraph because in the case of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time Fortunately, the first impression was the only harshness of dealing with this title.

What is Crash 4?

In my review, I wanted to focus mainly on the technical aspects. You can find a detailed production test for the PlayStation4 platform from our website at the link below:

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However, I cannot fail to mention my own view of the game. Finishing up the technical issues, the developers improved the aspect that is a minor downside of production, for example on the aforementioned Sony equipment. It’s all about the loading times of the levels. On the Switch, they oscillate within 20 seconds. They never exceed half a minute, which I consider to be a good result.

As for the gameplay itself, it is definitely a demanding title, and I did not expect it from it at all! This is especially interesting for long-time gamers who still remember video games as a challenge rather than a show itself. In the latest Crash, we will only choose the game mode (classic or modern), forget about the easy / normal / difficult difficulty level.

Franchises – Crash Bandicoot, the new Xbox mascot

Along with the gameplay, we will meet new characters with unique skills. There will be new types of levels, or the ability to play the same levels backwards with additional effects. Finally, in the plot, we will discover new powers derived from the released masks. Lots of content awaits game gatherers and max game players!

During the game, we are accompanied by the humorous humor and very nice cutscenes. It may not be a perfect platformer in every respect, but a very solid title that looks and works great on the Switch. This is the most meticulous and clever conversion so far I have seen. The developers really focused on their task of providing a nice but stable product. Additionally, they optimized tier load times, which were a problem on other previous-generation consoles.

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