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The third expansion pack for Call of Duty: WWII landed on PS4 consoles. As standard, we get 3 maps for the multiplayer game, one new map for the war mode, and a really interestingly designed new dark adventure in **** Zombie. We also got a new division for free.

Cavalry Division

However, before we review the content of the third expansion pack, “United Front”, it’s worth informing you that on June 25 (the day before the DLC3 release) a major patch for Call of Duty: WWII has been released. Cosmetic changes have been made to the menu, but this should not be of special interest to anyone. The most important information is that we have received new divisions and perks once again for free. Cavalry, because that is the name of the new specialist, is characterized by the fact that the main weapon is equipped with shields. The shield has a similar effect to Rainbow Six, it covers our backs and protects us from enemy fire when we want to approach it. Unfortunately, with the shields in front, we can’t use weapons, we can only hit with the shield.

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BUT! This class is really powerful, especially since you equip yourself with a shotgun, and there will be quite an OP with incendiary shells. The shield covers your back, the only thing that can kill you is a grenade. When someone shoots at you at the targets on your back, you quickly turn around and aim at him with a shotgun, guaranteed kill! Unfortunately, on the servers of such players, he runs more and more, especially on tight maps, where you fight at close range. On the second level of the division, you unlock a gear and ram enemies with a shield. The third level is the most useful trait of this class, namely target-related skills are improved.

We are already explaining what it is, when you play a cavalry division, you take over a point in domination faster, you plant or disarm a bomb to find and destroy it faster. You have more life in taking over the flag and playing with the ball. But the best thing about this division is that on level four, two assists count as one kill! Add to that the “Blitzkrieg” perk, which awards series rewards for kills, not points scored, and you can often support your team with a radar, block the opponent’s mini-map or call for a support pack for yourself. At level four, you also get more points for completing objectives, i.e. for capturing a point or defending in domination, it’s brilliant that in fortified mode you still get points when you stick to its designated area. Unfortunately, the biggest downside of this class is that the shield, as I mentioned, is the main weapon, while for the sidearm you can choose any gun available in the game, but unfortunately you will not mount any attachment to it.

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Three new basic workouts

In this case, a new perk called “the call of adventure“. With this Basic Training, when you press the triangle, you get a random weapon that can have up to six attachments. Not only that, this perk allows you to play a gun that you don’t even have unlocked! The second new perk is “escalation“Which gives us a boost to aim faster after killing an enemy (perfect perk for snipers!), And multikills will instantly reload your weapons. The “escalation” perk with any LMG on the tiny Shipment map can leave you running with a minigun for most of the game – perfect combinations for farm kills in contracts. The third perk will require you to prestize a cavalry division, once you succeed, you will unlock “specialist“. This Basic Training turns a series of rewards into perks that you can set yourself.

Finally, let me just mention that the cavalry division has just fantastic uniforms. Especially in the “Undead Ranger” category. These uniforms always stand out on the battlefield, they are a combination of medieval knight armor with WWII uniforms. Something beautiful, see examples in the gallery below.

Operation Supercharge

I will start reviews of the third expansion pack with the war mode, in which we will go to Africa for Operation Supercharge this time. After all, there were completely new mechanics in this mode, nothing was copied from previous maps. The place of struggle of the players is Tunisia, and the historical event that will accompany the clash is the Battle of El Alamein. The curiosity will be – There was an entire chapter in the Call of Duty 2 campaign dedicated to the Battle of El Alamein in this subsection Operation Supercharge, however, it focused only on cleaning the bunkers. There are no bunkers in Operation Supercharge Call of Duty: WWII – which is good, because they were already in previous operations. The mission for the attacking team begins phenomenally, all players sit in the plane, then jump out on parachutes and, while descending, they can open fire on the opponent.

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The attacking team’s first task is to take over three boxes with explosives. To claim the crates, you just need to be nearby. Once we have obtained the explosives, the action moves under the stone bridge. Now our task will be to blow up four pillars. Successfully completing this task opens the way for us to the final phase of the attack. We have to take over four trenches of the defending team, the take over is to lower the flag from the mast when we get to the fourth and complete the task, which is very difficult because the defending team has a respawn point very close here, we win. A very nice operation, one of the best in the add-ons, well-designed, well-thought-out and it is really a pleasure to play here.

Stalingrad, Market Garden and Monte Cassino

It is also fun to play on three maps for the multiplayer mode. Lets start with snow-covered Stalingradin which clashes take place in an industrial district. Pretty cool open map that has been split into three levels. There are several high pitches for snipers at the respawn points, while players who like to run around maps will find shelter in the sewers. It is very difficult to play domination here, because punk “B” is being watched on both sides by the snipers mentioned above. Points A and C are captured right at the beginning, and since they are close to respawn, hardly anyone rushes to them. Throughout the game, combat takes place in the center of point B, and players who do not want to expose themselves to sniper fire play a separate TDM in the Stalingrad sewers.

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Market Garden is the famous landing operation near Arnhem in the Netherlands. It was the largest landing operation of the Second World War, in addition to American and British soldiers, Polish paratroopers also took part in it. Polish soldiers landed on the southern bank of the river Rhine, defeated the Germans in this area, thanks to the choke the English could safely withdraw. Unfortunately, there was not enough space for our heroes on the boats and most of them were captured…. Polish soldiers were deceived by their ally, but to this day in Arnhem, the Netherlands, the anniversary of Operation Market Garden is celebrated and the heroic over 400 Polish soldiers are being honored.

The place of fights for players will be a large team of allies, as you probably already guessed, we will run around the rooms, offices, dining room and even the bathroom, and around the building in the garden. Weapons only at close range, submachine guns, LMGs or shotguns, anti-personnel mines and grenades, lots of grenades. If you like dynamic close-range matches, you’ll love this map.

Monte Cassinowho has not heard of this famous Italian hill and one of the most terrible slaughters of the Second World War? The glorious participation in this battle of the nice Poles who attacked from the ridge of the hill called “Specter”. The Germans defended themselves in bunkers with machine guns and throwers, and there were minefields in front of them. After a hard fight, the hill was conquered and a white and red flag began to fly among the ruins of the monastery. (This battle is the perfect War Mode scenario!)

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Unfortunately, in the game, players take part in the Italian campaign, the destroyed monastery captured by the Poles can be seen in the distance (without the Polish flag), and the struggle takes place in a ruined village. A holy map, full of narrow streets, garages and warehouses. There is a square here with a tank that is point B in domination. The only thing I can fault is that there are no floors here, but the overall performance of this map is really good.

**** Zombies – Thorny Trail

Zombies are boring, it’s just … Before that, we hit an area and we had to deal not only with successive waves of undead, but also with stupid mechanics and not entirely clear tasks in the game. In earlier adventures, the game played cat and mouse with me, suggesting what to do, but it was so unclear that you just didn’t want to play.

In the “thorny trail”, someone finally got their head on and designed a really successful zombie mode. The adventure has been divided into three stages, we start in a Spanish village in Málaga, we do random tasks on time like killing a fleeing enemy or defending supplies. In the last wave, a boss with a flamethrower appears, when we kill him, we have to wait for transport to the ship. An additional task very similar to a fortified point is triggered, we have to survive a few minutes until the ship arrives. We move to a transport ship, which is a really phenomenal zombie mode spot, it’s strange that no one figured it out before. We are sailing to Antarctica, during this time we have to survive 10 waves again while performing several tasks. When we get there, all we have to do is initiate the Barbarossa Sword Merge Ritual.

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“Thorny Trail” It is not a random name here, it is a very difficult dark adventure, I have fallen on a ship a few times and haven’t managed to reach the Arctic yet. The fighting areas are small, and there are large numbers of zombies, not to mention a lot of undead with an explosive barrel on their backs, claws, or a huge club in hand. The gameplay is made easier by slot machines with perksthat are close together. The big disadvantage for me is the fact that if we die in the second chapter, i.e. on the ship, we have to start the whole adventure from the village.

The game for review was provided by the Activision publishing house

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