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Review: Bridge Constructor Portal

Review: Bridge Constructor Portal

What will we get after combining Bridge Constructor and Portal? A dream come true for fans of puzzle games. Today I will tell you about this quite interesting combination.

Bridge Constructor is a series of games where our goal is to build bridges (as the name suggests). The series has been known for years and probably each of you had the opportunity to play one of the versions of this title. The developers of the game, however, went a step further and joined forces with Valve. I don’t think I need to introduce the Portal series to anyone, this famous series is loved by thousands of players around the world. Now, thanks to the joint project, they will attract even more fans.

In the game, we play the role of an employee of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, whose task is to design a series of bridges that the company will use to transport loads. We have 60 levels filled with traps, acid tanks and turrets. For transport, we will also use famous portals that will transport vehicles from one place to another. We can also use them for many different acrobatics and special maneuvers.

When erecting bridges, we must ensure that they do not collapse under their own weight and the weight of vehicles. We can put up supports or lower the ropes hooked high. The primary goal of each level is to drive one vehicle from point A to point B. The additional task is to achieve the same, but with a series of cars. These run at different speeds depending on the level. Sometimes the distance between the vehicles is large, other times they drive one after the other. This affects our tactics, because a bridge that has held one vehicle without any problems may collapse when several vehicles suddenly pass it. Additionally, the distance between vehicles affects our planning for other aspects of the tier, as the portals allow vehicle paths to cross, so be careful not to accidentally collide.

Of course, as you progress, the difficulty level increases a bit, but it has to be said that it is quite excessive from the beginning. Rather, it is a title for people who are fairly familiar with logic games.

The game is filled with humor, characteristic of the Portal series. The beloved GLaDOS returns with the familiar voice of Ellen McLain. Thanks to the convention, every fan of the Portal will immediately feel at home. Familiar images, items and even sound effects pour out of the screen, making this title a great addition to the Portal series.

Unfortunately, it was not without flaws. The biggest one concerns the control. Of course, we play the controller and operate the cursor with the analog stick. Unfortunately, the cursor tends to focus on the bridge’s bearing points, so if we want to precisely mark something, sometimes the cursor may escape us a bit. It is not a big deal, but rather a small detail that will take its toll on you from time to time.

Bridge Constructor Portal is a very successful combination. Fans of both brands should be satisfied. Headsling enthusiasts will definitely be satisfied with their purchase. Needless to say, if you count on fast-paced action or explosions, you won’t find them here. For me, however, it was an interesting escape from everyday life. I recommend.

We thank Headup Games for submitting the game for review.