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Record Xbox One TV: How is it possible?

Record Xbox One TV: How is it possible?

With the Xbox One, Microsoft took gaming to a new level. Games are more realistic and better than ever. It is all the more interesting to record your own TV screen while gaming on the Xbox One. The gameplay can then be streamed or uploaded to YouTube.

How to record your TV screen while gaming Xbox One

  1. If you’re using Kinect’s voice control, you can instantly record what’s happening on your screen with a simple command, “Xbox, record!”
  2. A menu appears. There you can choose how long you want your recording to go. A maximum of five minutes can be recorded.
  3. Without voice control, pressing the round Xbox button and then selecting the Game DVR tile will take you to this menu.
  4. You can just as easily open this menu by pressing the options button on your controller.

Record the TV program on the Xbox One – possible?

For a long time it was not possible to record the TV program with the Xbox One. But the Save.TV app has been available in the game console store for more than a year. You can use it to select which films and series you want to record at which time and on which channel. The data is then saved on an external hard drive and you can easily watch the recorded program at a later time. The app, which has been available for Android devices for some time, offers other practical advantages: the recorded content can be filtered in the overview, for example, to help with organizational matters.