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Race the Sun is coming to PS Vita, PS4 and PS3

Race the Sun is coming to PS Vita, PS4 and PS3

In addition, it has a small surprise for users of Sony consoles in the form of the exclusive world of Labyrinthia.

The creators announced this game in March this year and it was initially supposed to debut in the summer. However, they did not succeed, but as they themselves assure, they have worked very hard to this day. With great enthusiasm, they announced the premiere of the game next week, on October 22 to be exact.

Hopefully their promises are backed by really hard evidence. They themselves say that they spent a lot of time on each of the three consoles to ultimately hit 60fps at 1080p for PS4 and PS3. The portable console is also close to them. The creators managed to implement the cross-save option, which is liked by some players. All this so that everyone can deal with the leaderboards, which are also common for all platforms, at any time, on any console. In addition to cross-save, a cross-buy option will also be available. We have already explained its operation many times.

A few words for people who are not yet familiar with Race the Sun. All the fun is based on speed and survival. We have a solar ship under our control and we are racing towards the sun. It is worth noting that the ship slows down when we are in the shadows. When the sun goes down completely, our adventure ends.

The developers have not forgotten about users of Sony consoles. Especially for them, unlike the “stand”, the game will feature the exclusive world of Labyrinthia, which is slightly different from those offered by Race the Sun. It will be a kind of a maze of obstacles with brand new traps that you will have to deal with.

Below is a small sample of the new world: