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R8 Games presents Formula Fusion for PS4


R8 Games presents Formula Fusion for PS4

The fathers of the WipeOut series present the trailer of a new game that will be a serious competitor to the futuristic racing from the Sony stable

The developer posted a preview of his latest game on the French website Jeux Video. Watching the trailer below, you will think unequivocally: “we’ve seen it somewhere before”

There are many associations to the famous WipeOut series, but it’s no wonder, because the R8 Games studio consists of people who have just tinkered with the WipeOut series. Unfortunately, we do not have more information, but it must be admitted that the trailer looks good, fans of futuristic racing should be pleased. The developer also published a small gallery on his fanpage:

Formula Fusion will be released on PS4, XOne and PC, the release date is not yet known. On PC, the developer is considering Oculus Rift goggles support, hopefully he will also be tempted by Sony goggles.