PS5 – Lots of news in today’s system update

The PS5 will receive a lot of news in today’s console software update. The list includes, among other things, storing PlayStation 5 games on external USB sticks.

The PS5 has been in the homes of players around the world since November. Despite the initial problems with the availability of the new Sony console, you can find offers for this equipment in stores more and more often. If you are still hesitating to buy, perhaps my PlayStation 5 test will help you make your decision. You can find the relevant entry after going to this page. However, below you can see what’s new with today’s PS5 update.

What will the PS5 software update bring?

  • Store PlayStation 5 games on compatible USB media – we will be able to transfer PS5 dedicated games to a compatible USB stick. This does not mean, however, that we will be able to run them from this memory. The titles that we want to play must be on the primary console disk. For sure, however, the function described here will be a great help for people whose internet is not the fastest. You can check the requirements for external USB sticks by going to this page.
  • Intergenerational Share Play on PS4 and PS5 – PS4 players will be able to share the screen with their friends on PS5. Thanks to this, they will be able to allow their titles to be played via the Internet. It will also work the other way around. PS5 players will be able to play games from their console by users of the last generation of consoles. This way, you will be able to have fun in the co-op mode at the same time.
  • Requests to join the game – some games will allow you to send requests to join the server our friend is running on. This makes it easy for us to play together or against each other.
  • Improved Game Base – this menu will be changed to make accessing relevant content faster and more intuitive. Now you can conveniently switch between Parties and Friends on PS5. What’s more, nothing will prevent you from turning off notifications for each of the Events in which we participate.
  • Disable voice chat and adjust player volume – the new update will bring the ability to quickly disable voice chat in games. We will easily be able to mute your microphone as well as the microphones of all players on the server. In addition, we will get the option of setting a separate volume for each of the voice chat participants.
  • Early download of game updates – if the creators of the title use this feature, we will be able to download the update as soon as it appears on the servers. Of course, we will have automatic game updating turned on in the console settings. This will allow you to use the current version of the game faster. We will still have to wait for the moment when the update is officially available for download. However, we will download it earlier and we will only wait for the certification process to be completed or for the date set by the manufacturer to arrive.
  • Customize your game library – the new version of the system software for PS5 will bring you the ability to search your collection by title. We will also be able to hide unwanted titles.
  • Zoom in on the screen – we will be able to set the screen magnification according to our preferences. We will do this of course in the Settings menu.
  • New screen with statistics and trophy settings – we will be able to set what level trophies are to be captured with a movie clip and screenshot. Sony will allow us to set up screenshots only for bronze, silver or gold cups according to our preferences. The changes will also affect the screen with the summary of trophy-related statistics. You can see an example screen below.
Demon’s Souls – Photo Mode and Character Creation on PS5

New Features in the PS App

The coming weeks will see some new features in the PlayStation app on mobile devices. For example, we will be able to join the multiplayer game on PS5 from this application. This is by no means the only novelty. Sony also announced remote management of its console’s memory, comparing obtained trophies with friends and sorting products on PlayStation Store.

Which of these options are you waiting for the most? Already have your PS5 console? What would you add and what would you like to hang out with? Let us know in the comments.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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