Pokémon Go will allow us to change teams once a year

Pokémon Go players have been waiting a long time for this new addition: The option to change teams, which we must choose when creating our character and starting our adventure. A long time has passed since the video game was launched and many people have changed their minds about the team they want to belong to.

Our loyalty may have an expiration date

Pokémon Go has changed a lot since it was released years ago. Many novelties have reached the title of NianticHowever, one of the most requested remained to come: The team change. When creating our character, Pokémon Go gives us the option to choose a team, namely: Instinct, Wisdom and Value. Being from one team or another does not give advantages beyond identifying with the rest of the players in the community. Furthermore, we note that these teams are not enemiesbut competitors. It is not about enmity, as was originally thought, but about healthy competition.

  The Division will receive two free expansions in its second year

Now our loyalty may vary. Niantic has launched the Team Medallion, an object that allows us change teams once a year. This object will arrive on February 26 and can be purchased in the video game store for 1000 Pokecoins. The player can only acquire this item once a year and they must follow the steps specified. When you make the change, all Pokémon that are in gyms will return without profit.

What do you think of this new object? Will you acquire it? What team are you on? Tell us in comments which team your loyalty is on.