Pokémon Go lowers egg spawn rate

Pokemon go keeps recycling and trying to find new ways to feed the entertainment his fans. A few hours ago we met a new feature that could come to the application and that, honestly, we thought interesting.

Well, the study in charge of developing the application, Niantic Labs, has carried out a series of changes within the statistics of the eggs that the game presents us. And is that the rate of appearance of some Pokemon through the hatching of eggs has varied remarkably. This is what he discovered The Silph Road, the team of players. This variation is a double-edged sword for users, as it will be harder to get some Pokemon, so they will need more dedication.

Here is the link to the Pokémon Go video.

What are these Pokémon Go? Well we have Psyduck, Tentacool and Wooper in the water type, Natu in the flying type and Sandshrew and Paras in the earth type.

Within the Pokémon “rare” or “special”, we have Dratini and Pineco, for which we will have to take a walk of at least 10 kilometres if we want to achieve it, without this fact being assured, of course.