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Pocket Tripod, a pocket tripod for 15 euros

Pocket Tripod, a pocket tripod for 15 euros

can you imagine a pocket tripod to take your mobile wherever you want and not fall? It is clear that many times we take the selfie stick with us to take photos from a distance, but… have you ever leaned your mobile phone on a stone and it seemed that it fell backwards or did not look the way you wanted? The solution to your problems has just arrived on Kickstarter, it is pocket tripodAnd it’s a really interesting project.

Pocket Tripod wants to make our lives easier. The truth is that it is a very simple but mechanically correct gadget, because it prevents the smartphone from falling. In addition, the design is cool, pocketable, easy to carry anywhere and ergonomic. The truth is that it is incredible what he is capable of being so small.

Pocket Tripod, a pocket tripod for your smartphone

East pocket tripod is the size of a card, and you want to hold your iPhone and Android for any occasion, intended above all to take truly amazing photos by keeping your mobile in a correct position. It is a great idea without a doubt, pure innovation and the project that began in 2013 seems to be going from strength to strength.

It is a tripod capable of adjust to the size of any terminal, not only valid for iPhone. The increase is 0.5 mm, with the aim of matching the thickness of any terminal that exists on the market at the moment. You can also check all the measures on Kickstarter. As I say, this Pocket Tripod is very complete.

What is your price?

The truth is that the price is affordable. I can already tell you that many packages have been advanced to buy it cheaper, however you can still take it for 18 dollars. The orders are shipped worldwide. Estimated arrival is October 2016. You can choose the color, black or white or the size you want as it fits your mobile.

What do you think of this pocket tripod? Do you buy it?

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