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Pocket Mine 2: the miner’s game for Android in its second version

Pocket Mine 2: the miner’s game for Android in its second version

Pocket Mine 2: the miner’s game for Android in its second version, in which we will once again get under the skin of a miner whose task is to dig for precious metals. The objective seems easy, but there will be numerous levels, each one more difficult than the previous one, so each time we will have to squeeze more of our ideas to get through all the phases.

Find materials

In Pocket Mine 2 we must find coal, gold and other precious metals, but to get hold of them we should not bite without rhyme or reason, we must think carefully about our movements, since our pick can give a limited amount of hits. Due to this, at the beginning the levels will be short, due to the short duration of our peak, but based on finding valuable materials, these will be converted into money that we will use to improve the life of our tool.

In addition to precious metals, throughout the mine We will find boxes that contain objects such as bombs or lightning bolts that will help us clean a good part of the land. and thus be able to descend through the mine quickly and without the need to spend blows.

Before starting to dig, we will be offered three cards that work as an advantage. Of these three letters that are offered to us, we can keep the one we like and select that the others be exchanged for new random advantages, or if we like all of them, we can keep them all. The first shuffle is free, the next one will cost 14 coins.

When we reach a certain level We can create a new character, choosing his appearance and for which we will have to get accessories that will improve his performance.

Trade items with your friends

If we want, we have the possibility to exchange things with our friends, a function that is appreciated in games like this. We can also create a table with better cards that we use as advantages and to make everything more interesting, there will be daily challenges of which we will receive a reward after completing it.

Download it for free

Pocket Mine 2 is an engaging game that provides many hours of fun as it is quite long. And if that was not enough, you can get it for free in the google storeAlthough it includes purchases within the application for those players who want to have money without having to bite too much.

We leave you a gameplay, since a video is always worth a thousand words.

Download | Pocket Mine 2 on Google Play