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PlayStation Store update on October 22, 2014

PlayStation Store update on October 22, 2014

Today’s PS Store update is one of the most abundant and interesting in a long time.

PlayStation 4

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition and Need for Speed ​​Rivals: Complete Edition are special editions of EA works with all available extras – price about PLN 199

Just Dance 2015 – PLN 160

This series probably needs no introduction. The latest installment features new songs, new moves and everything looks even better than a year ago.

The Legend of Korra – PLN 59

Platinum Games keeps proving that they can make good slashers – their latest masterpiece is Bayonetta 2. TLoK is another representative of the genre based on a movie license. You will see how it all came out in the wash in my review next week!

Fluster Cluck – PLN 49

If you like games like Twisted Metal, Cel Damage HD, or miss Vigilante 8, then Fluster will be something for you. In addition, the whole thing is very humorous, because our combat vehicles are small spaceships.

Race the Sun – PLN 38 (cross-buy PS3 / PS Vita / PS4)

The mentioned game is a great proposition for people who like quick, casual games. In addition, a special feature of this work is graphic minimalism – the whole thing looks like a pre-build version, with no textures.

Samurai Warriors 4 – 240 PLN (199 PLN PS Vita)

The sequel to, possibly the best spin-off series known as Dynasty Warriors, the same mechanics as ever, epic battles and massive scale beats! The review is coming.

Shadow Warrior – PLN 160

Polish production, which is a kind of return after many years. SW is a great FPP action game with a lot of well-functioning mechanisms. Good because it’s Polish? Not. Good because good!

Sound Shapes Megaset – 63 PLN (50.40 PS +)

The package contains all the songs and boards available in one of the best indie productions of recent years.

PS Vita

3-in-1 Mega Bundle – PLN 46

A set of three interesting independent productions: Furmins + StarDrone Extreme + BreakQuest: Extra Evolution – you can check it out of poverty.