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PlayStation Store update on 09/04/2014

PlayStation Store update on 09/04/2014

The second week of April is going to be really good – especially for Middle-earth fans.

PlayStation 4:

LEGO Hobbit (PLN 259) – Once again, the block version of one of the most popular universes lands on almost every gaming device. This time we are dealing with the adventures of The Hobbit from Middle-earth. The game presents the events of the first two films, and the adventures of the “three” will be available in the form of DLC.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta (free) – Final Fantasy should be known to everyone, you don’t have to like this series, but you should associate it. In “fourteen” we will guide the adventures of our protagonist with a friend, because this installment is not a jRPG game, but an MMORPG. Initial access is free, but you will need to pay a subscription afterwards to play.

Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut (PLN 71) – This title will surely appeal to fans of everything related to space, combat ships and war. In a nutshell, we are trying to take control of outer space with the title Strike Suit.

PS Vita:

FOOTBALL MANAGER CLASSIC 2014 (159 PLN) – You can’t say too many interesting things about games of the genre represented by Football Manager. It is a title aimed mainly at football fans who love to rummage through millions of statistics, while others will feel like they are playing Excel with extensive graphics.

LEGO Hobbit – 159 PLN