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PlayStation Store update on 05/02/14

PlayStation Store update on 05/02/14

The first PS Store update this month honored us with two new products and a few reissues, but decent and in addition at a good price.

A week ago I wrote about a few promotional sets from SCE appearing on the web, today we get another one related to the Doodle series, moreover CastleStorm has its “Complete Edition”. Finally, Sony handheld owners get two new games for purchase at low prices.

Doodle God + Doodle Devil – (PLN 31) Our review

In the Doodle titles you can play both God and the devil. Both productions are related to each other, they combine into one ecosystem that will give you a lot of fun while creating a world from microorganisms. Then, by playing the role of a representative of the underground side, you can indulge in blissful destruction.

Castlestorm Complete Edition – (59 PLN) Our review

An ideal proposition for fans of the tower defense genre, giving a lot of fun and sometimes requires the player to think a little more about the strategy of defeating the opponent. As the lord of the castle, you have several classes of heroes, walkers, mage archers and other warriors at your disposal, the goal is one – to destroy your opponent before he destroys you.

Dustforce – (PLN 39)

If there is someone who likes platformers, they should be interested in this title, because this production is made just for them. What is it all about? The concept is about cleaning, our heroes have at their disposal vacuum cleaners or brooms and other industry accessories.

Surge Deluxe – (PLN 19)

The game from FuturLab is a variation on the recently popular Bejeweled, the formula is very similar to the second title – remove unnecessary objects, but here it is done with the help of electric discharges. A very simple idea, but it can be engaging. It will certainly appeal to younger and Sunday players.