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PlayStation Store update – November 6, 2013

PlayStation Store update – November 6, 2013

PS3 owners are delighted today because they can already buy the new Call of Duty, and will PS Vita users find something interesting for themselves in the PS Store?

PS Vita games

Angry Bird Star Wars

Full version – PLN 119.99

Take part in the epic adventure of Angry Birds transformed into entertainment systems in the legendary Star Wars ™ universe! Use the Force and your lightsaber to fight off the pig Stormtroopers on a galactic journey from the Tatooine deserts to the interior of the Star of Pigs, where you face the terrifying Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of Pigs! Can you become a Jedi Master and restore the galaxy to freedom? Let the birds be with you!

A-men 2

Full version PLN 39

Get ready for another journey through completely new worlds, find different ways to complete stages and solve puzzles. Get rid of the next generation of deadly A-Droids by any means possible. A-MEN 2 is an addictive tactical game with simple gameplay, but not easy to master.
Did you miss our special unit? You know what? He’s back in A-MEN 2!

A-MEN 2 is the continuation of the military strategy on PlayStation®Vita / PlayStation®3 that will allow you to spend some time with your good old friends again. Atom, Antler, Anaconda, Aurelius and Aardvark are tightened and ready to destroy the A-Droid hordes again. Don’t let them wait! A-MEN 2 features four brand new worlds full of enemies, traps and puzzles. Our brave soldiers also got new skills. We haven’t convinced you? Did you find the first part of A-Men was terribly easy? Check us out! A-MEN 2 will present you with more challenges than you expect. Check out our branch in action.

Our review coming soon!


Full version PLN 39

Welcome to the world of CastleStorm, a game that combines 2D destruction and the popular ‘tower defense’ genre! CastleStorm game is based on childhood memories filled with building and destroying castles from Lego blocks.

There are rumors that war has broken out … Knights vs Vikings! CastleStorm is a game that combines medieval wars and 2D destruction based on the principles of physics! By command of a real-time battle, players can harness the power of medieval artillery, direct formidable infantry attacks, and cast powerful spells! CastleStorm features a story-driven single-player campaign, Castle Editor, Online Multiplayer, Co-op Modes, and much, much more. Building and tearing down castles has never been so much fun!

Our review coming soon!


LittleBigPlanet (Cross-Buy)

Birthday Cake (free)

MotoGP 13

MotoGP Champions (PLN 39)