PlayStation 4 no longer has support for sharing screenshots and videos on Facebook

Sony has announced that Playstation 4 It will no longer be compatible with the Facebook social network after the 7.00 update. This will mean that users will not be able to link their console with Facebook nor will they be able to share videos or captures directly from the console. This would leave Twitter as the only social network (currently) in which we can share content from our PlayStation 4.

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Rift between PlayStation 4 and Facebook

The PlayStation 4 and Facebook breakdown after the PlayStation 7.00 update, it will not allow users to connect to the network or share content from the console. On the other hand, they will not be able to add friends through Facebook matches, share that they have won a trophy … All interactions between PSN and Facebook are ruled out, including profile pictures imported from the social network.

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What has happened to make this happen?

At the moment PlayStation and Facebook have not given reasons for this separation. Numerous reasons are speculated, but none official. We will be attentive to any official information contributed by either of the two companies. Fortunately, this feature will not directly affect the player experience. In fact, those who wish to share their captures on Facebook may continue to do so through another system: You can transfer the captures to a pendrive or other storage device and upload them directly from your PC.

We remind you that PlayStation has a few months of great releases ahead, namely: Medievil Remake as exclusive and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as non-exclusive on October 25, and Death stranding as exclusive on November 8, a game that we talked about a few hours ago about its duration.

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What do you think of this measure by PSN and Facebook? What do you think could be the reason for this break? Tell us in comments. You can also join our official Discord and share your thoughts with us.