PlayStation 4 firmware 4.50 will be available tomorrow

The wait at last, is coming to an end, because tomorrow we will be able to download the update of the firmware 4.50 for PlayStation 4. A month ago, the beta phase, or testing phase so that users could check the operation of the new developments.

PlayStation 4 is updated and will officially receive the “Boost Mode”

This new update will provide the console Sony various improvements. This will incorporate the possibility of using screenshots as background in the interface of our console. Also, we can use the voice chat when playing remotely to the console, and the option to watch 3D movies using the virtual reality VR headset from PlayStation. Speaking of the virtual reality system, the resolution of the cinematic mode in PlayStation VR will also be improved. In this way, if we have set the size of the PS VR screen to small or medium, the frame rate of the content displayed in cinematic mode will go from 90 to 120 Hz.

Another feature that we already knew is that version 4.50 will allow downloading PS4 games and applications to a external hard drive. In this way, we can better manage the space of our consoles, with the possibility of having an external hard drive, to save our games, or heavier clips.

But let’s go on to talk about the great addition that this update has, and it is the «Boost Mode “or” Turbo Mode “, which basically is an exclusive add-on for PlayStation 4 Pro, which applies improvements on games that do not have a “pro” patch. In this way, the games will receive certain graphic improvements such as a greater stability in its rate of images per second. This mode also has the option to activate or deactivate, depending on the needs of each player.

What do you think of these changes? Did you expect any more changes?