PAKO Forever brings you the best of the saga packed in a casual

PAKO is a saga of police chase games that has had two first games with which we enjoy a lot. Now Tree Men Games has launched a third part in which the essence of the saga is compressed into a casual game.

In other words, we can enjoy fast games that get fully into the persecutions that have made this saga of mobile games famous. PAKO Forever brings with it that visual style with flat colors and quality sound effects and graphics to feel the cops almost breathing behind your back.

Police chases like no other game

We already knew that Tree Men Games know how to do things very well with their first PAKO, and a second that followed in the wake of quality left by the first to bring more of the same, but with more content. At PAKO Forever they wanted bring all a casual that gets us fully into the base of the saga: the police chases.

And this is achieved very well, since in a matter of seconds we will have the police stepping on our feetso that we have to make extreme turns and thus ram between several cars and we can breathe for a few seconds more.

To spice up the addictive gameplay of PAKO Forever, in half a minute you can get some extra abilities like the drone that shoots lightning to eliminate policemen or a stone ball that is tied to the fender of the car so that thanks to the speed of our car, it destroys any vehicle that dares to pass nearby.

How can I find the formula for this table of values?

The PAKO saga concentrated in one

A casual game in which we will not have that exploration of the first two PAKOs, with those magnificent environments, but all the pressure and tension of the police chases in which we will not have a second to have a kitkat.

Tree Men Games have been able to have everything you need to focus on the games and don’t even forget to unlock extra content for get new cars. Everything in PAKO Forever is based on playing frantic games one after another always trying to get the maximum number of seconds to later lead the world leader boards.

Another of its added values ​​is the random map generation every time we play a game; By the way, it will be to finish one and after a tenth of a second we will already be starting another. By the way, rotate your phone to play in landscape mode to enjoy those environments while avoiding those crazy police cars.

19 cars to unlock

PAKO Forever takes you on police chases where you can unlock special abilities turns to those moments in some very funny. A game that exudes fun and that allows us to focus on playing one game after another to make the most of the free time we have.

The control is also very intuitive with the ability to drift to greater effect by holding down both the left and right buttons at the same time. It will be a thing to go getting the hang of it to be able to use that maneuver and get out of those moments in which several cars follow us.

The Excel macro crashes after running for a few minutes

Technically it is very well done. and brings with it everything that made this saga of police chases good. To highlight the environments, the explosions, the physics effects of objects, and that vehicle design to get a game of ten, which looks perfect on a high-performance mobile device on the screen.

PAKO Forever has come to almost become the best of the three of the saga and that will keep you very active in front of your mobile screen to enjoy like a child with those sirens, all those cops chasing you and those explosions that you will cause at all times. Attention to the giant and that way of eliminating cars without rhyme or reason.

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  • It does not lack technical quality
  • PAKO all-in-one concentrate
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