Oppo launches the F1 Plus with 16MP front camera to take the perfect selfie

Last week we reviewed a few apps to improve the face and that have been achieving great success in the fashion of selfies for two years now. These selfies have made more and more manufacturers are launching better lenses on the front and even incorporate flash to better bring out the faces of those who are portrayed with the front camera of their terminal.

It is this very thing that Oppo has thought that it may be the best to attract the public’s attention to its new announced phone: the Oppo F1 Plus. A renowned version of the Oppo R9, which was launched in China in February, and which has a great look, important specifications and a 16 MP front camera which is simply one of its best qualities. Inside this terminal with a body of 6.6 millimeters thick, there is a MediaTek Helio P10 chip, which defends itself quite well for being a mid-range, and a 4GB RAM. An interesting phone that will be marketed internationally.

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Design similar to iPhone 6S

Oppo is one of those Chinese manufacturers that they don’t care much about looking like telephones from other manufacturers such as Apple and its iPhone 6S, in which it is clearly his source of inspiration. They do not hide it and this is noticeable by bringing us a terminal that looks excellent, but this does not remove who it looks like.

Oppo launches the F1 Plus with 16MP front camera to take the perfect selfie

Apart from that Helio P10 chip and 4GB RAM, it also has the 64GB option in internal memory and the option to update up to 128 GB via microSD. The screen is 5.5 inches Full HD IPS LCD with Gorilla Glass 4 and has a 2,850 mAh battery, which according to Oppo will allow the user to have 14 hours of intense use.

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The fast charging technology is VOOC and allows you to charge the phone by 75% in just 30 minutes.

Your ability in photography

Aside from its good features and an iPhone 6s-inspired design, complete with even a circular-looking camera, the Oppo F1 Plus features a metal body with rounded corners which Oppo calls as “Comfort Grip”. The weight of the phone is 145 grams, which is surprising for a phone that reaches 5.5 inches.

Oppo launches the F1 Plus with 16MP front camera to take the perfect selfie

Regarding the camera, the front one has a higher resolution than the rear 13 MP and has a 78.1 degree angle at lens, which ensures that any of your friends can be in the photo when you take it in a group.

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In that front camera, Oppo calls the technology “Hi-Light” and that focuses on maximizing quality and image. Hi-Light is four times more sensitive than standard cameras, has twice the dynamic range and captures photos with four times less noise than when compared to the camera of other smartphones. As always, reviews will have to be seen if this is so.

Other features of Oppo F1 Plus are the front-mounted fingerprint sensor and version 3.0 for the Color OS custom layer. We would be before the first terminal of the brand to reach this version. The company itself boasts that it increases software performance by 25% compared to version 2.1.

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Oppo F1 Plus will be available from today in India, with other markets in Southeast Asia and Africa in the coming days. In Europe and the UK, the Oppo F1 Plus will be launched in May for € 389.

An interesting terminal that apart from those features in the front camera, its iPhone 6s design and excellent hardware, which is available in our parts, also becomes great news to access this type of components for a price that does not exceed € 400.