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OnePlus will open 2 physical stores in Spain, do you want to know where?

OnePlus will open 2 physical stores in Spain, do you want to know where?

The company OnePlus has made the decision to open two official stores in Barcelona and Madrid October 31st. The aim of this is to allow all residents of Spain, buy the new OnePlus 6T before anyone.

It is necessary to clarify that these tents are temporaryWell, once enough phones have been sold, the company will close those two stores. Or rather, they will close their shops and leave when the day is done. The good thing is that in addition to being able to purchase the 6T in them, customers will be able to meet members of the OnePlus team, among other things.

A strategy that is becoming more and more common

Stores known aspop-up store” are a concept that has become fashionable in the world of technology. This kind of stores they are so called because they are temporarythat is, the same They appear one day and then disappear. This is done to sell new products, something that companies like Huawei and Samsung have already done in the country.

So will these OnePlus stores disappear? Yes, because this type of store works that way. Until now, the company has not announced whether the two stores that will open in Madrid and Barcelona will move to other cities. From here we intuit that no, because these would be the only two OnePlus “popup” stores in the country.

Barcelona and Madrid were chosen

The stores that will open in Spain will be located in Barcelona and Madrid. They will be open only on October 31 from 12 in the morning until 7:30 in the afternoon. These stores will be located in the following locations:

It should be noted that in those stores there will be limited units of the expected OnePlus 6T. this mobile will be officially presented on October 29, so stay tuned that day we will cover everything related to said presentation. Until then, we can only wait with our arms crossed for the day to come, since we have already seen a large number of leaks and rumors related to that mobile device.