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OnePlus will launch its first Smart TV in 2019

OnePlus will launch its first Smart TV in 2019

OnePlus broke the smartphone market back in 2014 and it seems that this year it will make the leap to a new division, Smart TVs. The firm has decided to go further in its adventure and its CEO has confirmed that they are already working on the OnePlus Smart TVs.

The CEO of OnePlus has confirmed to Business Insider that they will launch their first Smart TV in the next year, 2019. The OnePlus Smart TV will be a device with long support, with at least 5 years of updates.

OnePlus Smart TV will not be perfect, they already warn

Its CEO has confirmed that the firm’s Smart TV will need updates during the first few years, as the device will not be perfect. However, although this may make you doubt, the OnePlus TV will show some interesting features such as support for Artificial intelligenceoffering a different experience.

OnePlus Smart TV too will integrate a camera that will allow us to carry out different tasks although some are yet to be defined. The community can now suggest features to the firm but surely video calls are the most interesting use of this camera.

In addition to that, the OnePlus Smart TV can also be connect with your smartphoneand surely with some exclusive function for OnePlus.

The problem of OnePlus Smart TVs already has a name, it’s called Xiaomi

The big problem of the firm and its main rival is called Xiaomi. The firm has confirmed that it will soon launch its Mi TVs in Europe and these are available with a smart coregood design and very competitive prices.

If OnePlus is able to offer a similar price and features equal to those of the Mi TV, it is possible that it can scratch a piece of the market from brands such as LG, Samsung, Hisense and company. Innovating in the field of TV is not easy and entering this market is still much more complicated. There are thousands of consumers who do not want to take risks with their new TV and resort to conventional brands, where LG and Samsung are undisputed leaders in the European market.