Oneplus Weather for any Android

If in a previous video tutorial we have shared with you the latest version of the Oneplus ported gallery to be installed on any Android 5.0 or higher, now it is the turn of the Oneplus weather forecast application, Oneplus Weather based on Accuweather and with a very, very attractive design and graphic style.

Here I explain how download and install Oneplus Weatherr as well as everything that this lightweight but effective weather forecast application offers us that we can now install on other Android terminal models other than the brand that invites you to “never settle” Never Settle.

Requirements to install Oneplus Weather app

The only requirement to be able to install the weather forecast application of Oneplus terminals, Oneplus Weather, Its the be on a version of Android 5.0 Lollipop or a higher version of Android.

Likewise, we only have to enable it from the menu of settings of our Android, the option that appears in the section Security, option that under the name of Unknown Origins or Unknown Sources, will allow us to install applications in APK format or applications downloaded externally to the official Android application store, the Google Play Store.

Once this is done we download the two necessary apk, apks that I leave you below, and we install them just by clicking on them by navigating to the download path.

Download the necessary APKS to install Oneplus Weather on any Android

From this link you will access the official XDA forum where you will find the two apks necessary to install Oneplus Weather on any type of Android terminal.

If you are a member of the Androidsis community on Telegram, GrupoAndroidsis, in the community itself you will find direct link to download both applications without leaving Telegram.

  • Download Oneplus Weather from the Androidsis Community on Telegram.
  • Download from the official XDA forum.

Everything that the new version of the Oneplus weather application offers us, Oneplus Weather

Oneplus weather forecast app, Oneplus Weather, It is a very light and functional application, which does not mean that it is not a bland and flat application at all, but rather the opposite since we find a spectacular application with elegant graphics and animations that you will surely love.

With the installation of both apks we will have available both our own weather forecast app like own Weather Forecast Desktop Widget where, in a very subtle and elegant way, we are shown the current temperature, the date and the weather in our current location.

The application of oneplus weather forecast It shows us, in addition to our current location, as many cities as we want to add just by clicking on the icon in the form of a building at the top of the application interface. Likewise, from the section itself where we add our favorite cities, just by keeping an existing city and sliding to the side, we will remove the selected city from the list of cities in the application.

In addition to direct information on the current temperature, maximum and minimum temperature of the selected cities or the current state, just by sliding up, the application will show us the weather forecast for the next 6 days as well as the forecast of maximum and minimum temperatures of the selected city.

If you want to see the application in operation and know all the details about its installation or everything it offers us, I advise you to take a look at the video that I have left you right at the beginning of this article.