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OnePlus Watch Gets Spotify Support

OnePlus Watch Gets Spotify Support

OnePlus is rolling out a major update to the manufacturer’s smartwatch. The OnePlus Watch receives several improvements, including watch faces and the ability to control Spotify from the smartwatch.

OnePlus released the manufacturer’s first smartwatch earlier this year. Most people are happy with the appearance of the OnePlus Watch, but the accompanying software is a different story. The software feels unfinished and is very limited. Fortunately, OnePlus is now rolling out an update that provides the software with improvements.

The new update with version number B65 is 50MB in size and includes integration of Spotify. OnePlus has partnered with Spotify to make this possible. Thanks to Spotify support, you can control music directly from the OnePlus Watch and sync your playlists. OnePlus has also added four new watch faces and there are now settings to adjust the watch’s vibrations. Finally, improvements for the sleep algorithm have been added and you can follow real-time navigation on the smartwatch screen.