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OnePlus, Apple and the events: what is behind this provocation?

OnePlus, Apple and the events: what is behind this provocation?

If we talk about a controversy between Apple and another brand, it is usually to talk about how they have been “inspired” by those in Cupertino. However, this time, the darts are being thrown by Apple, and that is has drawn the hatchet against OnePlusbecause?

Everything has to do with the Californian firm’s event, which will take place on October 30 in New York. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, if it weren’t for OnePlus and Apple were going to hold their event at the same time. Is it a full-fledged provocation or a problem of poor planning? We have it clear.

Apple, OnePlus and the October 30 event: what happened?

In case you did not know, the presentation of the OnePlus 6T was planned for October 30 in New York. However, weeks after confirming the date, they mysteriously moved it up a day. The reason? The last one we all would have expected: an apple prank.

And it is that just like a high school bully, Apple has wanted to impose the law of the strongest by kicking away the OnePlus boys. How? Teaching muscle, simple as that. Those from Cupertino have only had to schedule a presentation on the same day, in the same city and one hour later. The result: a real debacle for OnePlus.

We’ve got some important news regarding our #OnePlus6T Launch Event in NYC. Find out why we changed our launch to October 29. https://t.co/3pj3PMDEGD pic.twitter.com/GcBDX8xcAY

— OnePlus (@oneplus) October 19, 2018

Although the OnePlus 6T may seem a thousand times more interesting than the minor news that Apple has prepared for us, there is no point of comparison. Apple has a much greater convening power and, before the convergence of both events, those of Pete Lau had everything to lose.

Thus, OnePlus will present the OnePlus 6T on October 29, a day earlier than expected. They give up like this, with no other option, before the pressure of the big fish. In the face of a provocation that we can call brazen and opportunistic, but that teaches us something very important: is Apple afraid of OnePlus?

And it is that this demonstration of power, of “seeing who pees further” is nothing but a sign that Apple is afraid of OnePlus. Perhaps it is because they know that they are going to present the innovations that those from Cupertino should have shown, or perhaps it is because they consider them a serious rival. Either way, have decided to do everything possible to get OnePlus out of the way on October 30, and we doubt they will succeed.