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OnePlus 6T in purple (Thunder Purple), very close to reality

OnePlus 6T in purple (Thunder Purple), very close to reality

The OnePlus 6T has already been officially presented. If you think you already know everything about it, you are wrong… A new model is coming in a very interesting color. We talk about a “thunder purple” which, on paper, looks very good and will make you forget about the black models.

Learn from this article everything we know about this new model. Of course, if you are thinking of buying the 6T in black it may be worth waiting a while.

If you want a OnePlus 6T wait for its Thunder Purple color

It is no secret that the brand launches more exclusive colors for its mobiles over time. It’s a very good way to grow sales after the initial boom and continue charging the initial price (or more expensive) months after its launch. And yes, this is precisely what is going to happen with the first OnePlus 6T in purple.

It has been in Amazon Germany when it has been seen an option with this color available for pre-purchase. It is not official information but it seems to be quite reliable and, in addition, it is a typical movement of this company. The model in question would be worth 580 euros, the same as the black 8/128 GB version.

The truth is that we liked that the price is maintained. Although well, otherwise it would create some controversy, it is what happens when you get your consumers used to not raising the price.

We must also point out that an English youtuber, Mrwhosetheboss, visited a store where he showed some prototypes and there is one that fits the description perfectly. Surely it is not exactly the same but hey, to get an idea it comes in handy.

The OnePlus 6 arrives in a new red color and it’s simply stunning

Only time and the company will tell the new colors of its new star terminal. Who knows, we could even have a variant in the red that we like so much… what colors do you think they will end up putting on sale? would you buy a OnePlus 6T in purple or would you wait for other colors? Do not leave without leaving us your opinion in the comments section.

Source | Android Headline