OnePlus 5T: this will be the new OnePlus mobile

A while ago, an image of the new OnePlus 5T emerged on the net that left us all a little confused. After the brand ruled out the launch of this model, the design of what could be the model has been leaked. new terminal of the company, is it that close? is it a fake?

It doesn’t seem at all brazen to us that after seeing how the stock of the OnePlus 5 was reduced to minimums, the brand began to prepare the launch of a new and renewed terminal. This new OnePlus 5T would be launched in November and would arrive in similar terms to what the OnePlus 3T did with respect to the OnePlus 3.

How do we know what the design will look like?

We do not know if it is a OnePlus 5T or a new OnePlus 6 (numbers could be advanced in order to be compared to other brands) although the design of this OnePlus 5T could be totally official and revealed by another brand of the company.

Many will know that BBK Electronics is the set of brands that brings together Live, Oppo and OnePlus and both the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T shared a design with a mobile from the house. As for the specifications, these were different and it makes perfect sense since the Asian market is much more competitive and they turn to mid-range processors to sell more phones.

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If we look at the leaked image this morning we see that the new OnePlus 5T would share a design with the VIVO X20. If the OnePlus 5T has a 6-inch screen in FullHD + resolution with 18:9 aspect ratio everything matches and it will also keep the headphone jack.

Carl Pei asked last year if they wanted a headphone jack and shortly after it launched a OnePlus 3T with a headphone jack, it is possible that this year more or less the same will happen. As for the dimensions we have 155.9 x 75.1 x 7.2 mm with a weight of 159 grams (the latter can vary, although little).

OnePlus 5T Specifications

If all this is true, which we believe so, the specifications of the OnePlus 5T would be the following:

  • Screen of 6 inches with FullHD + resolution, OLED technology and 18:9 aspect ratio.
  • Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 835.
  • 6 or 8 GB of RAM.
  • 64 or 128 GB storage without microSD.
  • 16 + 20 MP (telephoto) dual rear camera and 16 MP selfie camera.
  • As for the battery (the size is not known), but it will have a USB C connector and Dash Charge fast charging.

All running their own ROM like Oxygen OS or Hydrogen OS but with Android 8.0 Oreo as a base or Android 7.1.1 Nougatwhich seems less likely and less attractive to sell.

Facial recognition, the great novelty of the new OnePlus

The VIVO X20 already has facewake And since all manufacturers want to have their own Face ID, this is the perfect time to launch a mobile with improved facial recognition.

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This could be the reason why the footprint could be moved to the rear after the OnePlus 5T mounted the footprint on the front. What do you think of this decision?

Price and launch of the OnePlus 5T

The last question is what its price will be and when its release date will be. As the new Snapdragon 845 is not yet ready and the Galaxy S9 has taken over everything, it is possible that facial recognition and its screen are enough to have a new model of a mobile that was already very good.

Its launch will surely take place soon and the sale could start in November to monopolize the Christmas season. As for the price according to industry trends, everything indicates that it would be the following:

  • 64GB model – 520 dollars, about 499 euros to change.
  • 128GB model – 580 dollars, about 549 euros at the exchange rate (which is not the exchange rate but it will surely be translated like this).

If these are the prices, the terminal does not look bad and of course OnePlus has bet big this year. This move doesn’t seem risky at all when mounting an already proven chassis and it will also allow you to greatly increase your profits.

OnePlus is a company that wants to continue learning and that, from the beginning, has not done anything wrong. OnePlus has worked very hard in recent years and despite the fact that it still does not have the fame it deserves, it is possible that it will soon achieve it with the improvements of these years. We cannot forget that OnePlus asked Samsung itself for help to be more competitive, although it seems that the Korean company denied this request.

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