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OlliOlli – lots of details and release date

OlliOlli – lots of details and release date

Already in January, players will be able to get to know OlliOlli

The creators posted on Sony blog lots of information about their newest baby. It will be born on January 21. Here are the news for the first game by roll7 on PS Vita:

Career mode

50 levels, both amateur and professional. Each map will contain 5 challenges, including those focused on achieving the highest possible scores and the best time.

Spot mode

Each time you reach the end of the level, you will unlock the appropriate spot. To achieve the last spot, you will need to achieve a huge combination result – that is, the appropriate combination of tricks that the character will perform with the help of his skateboard.

Daily grind

A specific area will be made available every day where players will compete for the title of the best player. Failure to perform a combo stops the mode and writes the score to the ranking list. You can see some gameplay on this video material:

RAD mode

Only perfect grinds and landings can be made here. This is the toughest mode, designed for the best of the best players. To unblock RAD you need to prove your worth.

The number of trophies in OlliOlli is also known – one gold, three silver and eight bronze. The full list is posted here. The trophies are awarded for achieving a combination of 25 tricks, completing all RAD levels, or performing a 540-degree turn, among others.

People who are excited to see the premiere will surely be eager to check out the trailer: