No Man’s Sky is currently the best selling game on Steam and Top 5 on Xbox One

No Man’s Sky It has been on everyone’s lips for a week… And no wonder! Behind the NEXT update, No Man’s Sky has gone from being a dead game to the best-selling game right now on Steam and to the Top 5 on Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky, stronger than ever

The video game of Hello games had a great outing, although it soon fell apart due to lack of content and confusion in marketing campaigns. The false promises with multiplayer was the shovel that ended up burying the title.

He NEXT launch scored an ante and later in the history of No Man’s Sky. Structures and various content were previously introduced, but it wasn’t until NEXT that the video game came back to life. The arrival of multiplayer mode, the third person, a revamped story mode and various gameplay and performance enhancements, all of which made No Man’s Sky the great promise it once was.

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Hello Games has been really smart to launch NEXT right now. The new update has brought the game back to life and attracted tons of people. The video game appreciated in all stores and sold out. However, Summer Sale from Playstation and the Steam sales with 50% less in price they have made it almost unnoticed. The play has gone very well for Hello Games! No Man’s Sky is Top 5 sold on Xbox USA, Top 6 in UK and he is the game best seller on Steam as we write this.



Hello Games has learned from its mistakes.

We can see the result in the simultaneous player count. As we speak, the number of players is slowly increasing on Steam. This is a sample of what happens when a company knows how to learn from its mistakes and loves what it does. The solution is not to abandon the video game, but to not give up and keep working. We hope that No Man’s Sky is an example of redemption for all developers.

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Have you tried No Man’s Sky NEXT? Does it seem interesting? Tell us in comments.