N&N Rom Android 6.0 for the LG G3, one of the best ROMs of the moment for your LG G3

One of The best Android 6.0 Rom for the LG G3 of the moment is undoubtedly the sensational Rom created by the N&N Team. A team of independent Android developers, whose work can be found in the HTCManía development forum, under the name of N&N Rom 3.0 a final version based entirely on the Official ROM Android 6.0 from LG in its 30c version although manipulated or optimized to get an exceptional performance to our LG G3 international model or model D855.

Next we show you the sensational operation of the Rom N&N 3.0 which is considered by many users as one of the smallest Roms of the moment for our LG G3. In addition to sharing all the files necessary for the installation of the Rom and a complete video tutorial in which I show you how to flash the Rom step by step.

What’s different about the Rom N&N 3.0 for the LG G3?

To be considered one of the best Roms of the moment, N&N Rom 3.0 based on official Android 6.0 from LGIn addition to being able to install all of LG’s own applications, it also has such interesting modifications as the ones that I am going to list below:

  • Based on official Android 6.0 from LG firmware 30c.
  • New image when entering PIN.
  • Weather animations and expanded notifications.
  • Call recording integrated into the official LG Dialer App.
  • Improved RAM and multitasking management.
  • KNOCK CODE with a minimum of three taps and corners removed.
  • Possibility of adding Widgets in Smartbulletin.
  • Rom Odexada and with SuperSU.
  • GPU acceleration.
  • Camera improvements.
  • Coverage improvements.
  • Navbar at 38 dpi.
  • Icons at 36 dpi.
  • Improved tactile response.
  • Custom bootanimation.
  • Increased sound.
  • Busibox.
  • Selinux permissive.
  • Android M wallpapers and lock.
  • Repo N&N.
  • Changed APNs.
  • Revised Build.prop.
  • Much more.
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Requirements to flash the Rom N&N Rom 3.0 on the international LG G3

  • Have a Rooted LG G3 D855 and in possession of the TWRP Recovery.
  • Have the TWRP Recovery updated to version 3.0. You can download it from this same link in .img format and install it as I show you in the video tutorial for installing the Rom with the Flashify app.
  • Have a backup of the EFS folder just in case.
  • Have a backup, nadroid backup of our entire operating system in case we want to return at any time to the previous state before the Flasheod and the N&N 3.0 ROM.
  • Have USB debugging enabled from Developer Settings.
  • Have the battery charged to 100 x 100.

Files Needed to Flash the Rom N&N 3.0 Android 6.0

The files needed to flash the Rom N&N 3.0 is nothing more than a compressed file in ZIP format, which you will be able to download from this same link and you have to paste without decompressing in the external memory of the LG G3 or Pendrive for flashing via OTG.

In addition, if you do not have the TWRP Recovery updated to version 3.0, you are also going to have to download from this same link, TWRP version 3.0 for D855 and update Recovery via Flashify app.

Once all this is downloaded, you can reboot into Recovery ModAnd follow the instructions for updating the Recovery and flashing the Rom that I explain in the next video step by step.

N&N 3.0 Rom Flashing Method for LG G3

(Click above to see the Rom installation video step by step)

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After update TWRP Recovery to version 3.0 using Flashify, the steps to follow from the TWRP to install the Rom N&N 3.0 in the LG G3 are the following:

  1. We go to the option Wipe, Advanced Wipe and we select all the options except the path where we have the files for Flashing the Rom. If you have it on the external SDcard you will not have to select the External SDCard option.
  2. We move the bar to execute the requested action.
  3. We do the above two steps again four more times.
  4. We go to the option Install, we navigate to the path where we have copied the zip of the Rom N&N 3.0, we select it and move the bar to execute the requested action.
  5. In a few seconds The Aroma installer will open from which we can select some of the applications to include in the ROM. We select the ones we consider appropriate and click on Next so that the Flashing of the Rom begins and we can see the progress of it in the progress bar below.
  6. When the process of flashing the Rom finishes the terminal will restart only And that will mean that we already have installed in our LG G3 the sensational Rom N&N 3.0 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow official LG 30c.