Nintendo’s Miitomo, we already have data of its launch

We have new data on Miitomo, the first Nintendo game for Android with which we will create Miis. We love that Nintendo has dedicated an Android game to us, but when will we have it on the market? It seems that March will be the key date to see this game on our Androids. It is also great, because we can play it both on mobile phones and tablets. We tell you everything we know about the game, which is not little:

Nintendo’s first game, Miitomo

What do we expect from this first Nintendo game for Android? Perhaps the following image will allow us to get an idea. Indeed, we will have THOUSAND that we can customize, create and make our own.

It’s funny to say that Miitomo is a game, because we could say that it is more like an app. Will allow us create Mii characters, you know, those who marked a before and after with the Wii of these guys from Nintendo. It’s super fun, that’s for sure, because something we’ve always liked to do from consoles now we can also do from mobile.

What we do not know is if the interface will be exactly the previous one. We really want to know this incredible bet, which is undoubtedly spreading excitement among users. And it’s great, because if there are no changes, we would have to wait a little over a month and a half to enjoy it.

Would arrive in march

Miitomo would arrive in MarchHowever, we do not know 100% either, but everything indicates that this will be the case, it depends more on whether there is a delay, but we do not believe that it is. We trust the guys at Nintendo for their spectacular track record. We also hope it is free and with in-app purchases.

We will see what more data we have over time, since it could not be called even that. Time will tell. In the meantime, take advantage of the comments to tell us what you think of the new and first Nintendo game for Android, with which we will create Mii characters.

Via | Android Authority