Nintendo’s Fire Emblem: Heroes is now available for Android

Nintendo has had us waiting for the arrival of super mario run after landing exclusively on iOS. That landing on Android will be made for the month of March, although while we can be content with its second mobile video game that is launched exclusively on the most installed OS for mobile devices on the planet.

Fire Emblem: Heroes had been in the previous registration in the Google Play Store for a few weeks. And it was today, as announced, when the second Nintendo video game for mobile gaming.

Fire Emblen is a famous RPG game series with the focus on strategy. A video game that we finally have on mobile devices and that brings the good work of this Japanese studio. We only hope that it continues to launch more titles like this to the Google Play Store, apart from that Super Mario Run that has just over a month left to make its arrival on Android.

Fire Emblem: Heroes lets you summon heroes from all over the fire emblem universe, hone their skills and lead them to the ultimate victory. A title that uses some very well achieved and high quality manga illustrations.

The story leads us to two powers that coexist in the same world. On the one hand we have the Empire of Embla, which yearns to subdue the heroes of other worlds, and the Kingdom of Askr, which opposes its objectives.

It has other game modes apart from the main story, with which you can measure yourself against other players and evolve your heroes. Nintendo claims that it will be updated regularly so you can access more content.

You got it for free from the Google Play Store with micropayments.