Nintendo’s arrival on mobile devices marks a new era for video games

Nintendo has landed today in our country with its first bet for smartphones and tablets called Miitomo. A video game with a great social aspect and that works as a hub where we can find contacts, friends or family. The Japanese company gets fully into mobile devices in a field where Facebook dominates the most social aspect of our smartphones. What happens that the touch of Nintendo will be more towards entertainment, but this does not mean that in a few years I can look face to face with the social network owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

But Nintendo focuses more on video games, although there is a possibility of the social that brings it to other shores almost without wanting to, although also wanting. It is in video games where we will find an exception for this company, since its special way of creating digital entertainment will now take it to the rest of its most direct competitors such as Konami, Sega, Sony and many more. It’s, let’s say, like the reunion with old friends in the same square, which are smartphones and tablets, to measure themselves and give their best to be the most recognized. It is a very special moment in which we find ourselves now, since the great ones, those who have drawn leisure from video games to today, will be fighting in the same space.

A new time

As in many facets of life, from the social, the political or what implies what is called as leisure, we are in a quite important moment, since iOS and Android are getting that in the same virtual store we find Electronic Arts, Square Enix or Blizzard. All of them almost start from the same place to measure their strength and show that those decades of hundreds of video games will be worth them to face that competitor who was hiding under their own console.

The better part we are going to take them, because we will have, from the same device, the ability to go to the retro visual style of Konami, to the fantasy and role-playing worlds of Square Enix or that special gameplay that prevails in many of Nintendo’s titles. RPGs, endless runner, strategy and all kinds of categories and companies come together on your smartphone, in an almost unique moment that we are living.

I remember well those years, younger, in which we played games in the Super Nes to find Mario and his companions, while, if we wanted something more spectacular and close to the arcade, we had to go to the Sega Mega Drive to play to the great Golden Ax. I mean, we needed different consoles to enjoy the best video games of the moment, with all that it implied.

All from the palm of your hand

For this reason, surely Nintendo has been one of the longest to arrive, perhaps also for launching something that really attracted attention and was not a mere port. That they could have done it too, but Nintendo has never starred in launching titles for the sake of launching something. Nintendo wants to arrive triumphant and demonstrate what its prism and perspective have been on this world that has increasingly taken over a greater space and market share compared to other forms of entertainment.

But we finally have it here, and with her we can say that we have all the greats that at some point have led the video game market. We cannot forget that Bethesda has created a studio dedicated exclusively to games for mobile devices (Fallout Shelter has already been available for months), and that Blizzard has announced its interests in launching exclusive titles for this platform. Blizzard will also play its cards, and the first video game to be released for smartphones (Hearthstone came before PCs), it will surely be another milestone to mark on our calendars.

Surely I will pass a company that has yet to fall through the Play Store and App Store, but what must be emphasized is that when you launch any of these two virtual stores from your device, you have to know that you are facing a unique moment in the history of gaming and video games. All from the palm of your hand.