Ni-Oh will be compatible with PlayStation 4 Pro

Ni-Oh, the new video game of the Team ninja which stands out for its difficulty and its high level of action and violence, has confirmed that it will be present at a PlayStation 4 Pro event in which the capabilities of Sony’s new machine will be shown.

Ni-Oh will improve its technical aspect when playing with PlayStation 4 Pro, but at the moment it is unknown what those improvements will be

Despite this announcement, no one from the Team ninja has specified what will be the technical content that will be improved when used in the new Sony console, PlayStation 4 Pro, so we will have to wait for them to make public the information of what technical aspects are improved when being played on the new console.

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Let us also remember that Ni-Oh is an exclusive title for Playstation 4 and that has been advertised for more than 10 years. Its launch is scheduled for February 9, 2017.