New version of Spotify without random mode, is everything that was announced and expected of it true?

How a picture is worth a thousand words, today on Androidsis We wanted to personally test the new benefits of the new version of Spotify which, as announced just a couple of days ago, ended random mode at least partially to prevent many users from choosing to use those mods that, in addition to bypassing that absurd senseless restriction, also eliminates the app’s source of income that is based on listening to sponsored ads.

But is all that glitters really gold? Has Spotify told us the whole truth about this Spotify new version free in which recommendations are included according to our musical interests and up to fifteen playlists or recommendations related to our tastes without random mode?

Well, as you have been able to see in the attached video in which I show you in detail the new version of Spotify that “supposedly it comes to us with the novelty of the recommendation lists without the random mode”, famous king of discord for lovers of this very good application to listen to streaming music completely free of charge, this new functionality is already enabled as standard in the official version of the application downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.

The fact that it comes enabled as standard does not mean that it is what we have been told and announced in principle in all the media for a couple of days or three here, and it is worth remembering that it was promised that in the area of ​​recommendations that Spotify makes us personal recommendations based on our own music history.

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These recommendations would include 15 playlists or 15 lists of recommendations related to our tastes in which we would have the random mode deactivated, this would allow us to be able to listen to up to 40 hours of music, choosing the theme that we want to listen to at each moment, passing from this horrendous random mode with the only and logical condition of the inclusion of sponsored advertisements that the truth is, I see necessary for the good maintenance of the application and for which I am willing to spend and give up the many mods that are still functional on the network that remove the random mode and also remove the Spotify ads.

The case is that when we go to check these changes in the random playback policy of the new Spotify, everything commented remains in borage water, and as I mention in the headline of this article, in this new Spotify all that glitters is not gold since they have sneaked it back to us with cheese in that sense in which they promised the end of reproduction in random mode.

And it is that of the promised 15 playlists that we could find in the Explore area, 15 playlists to listen to without random mode, in principle only 12 appear to me at the time of writing this article, (seven at the time of making the video), and worst of all, is that These recommendations have nothing to do with the music that I usually listen to, how little I use the Spotify application.

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For more Inri, of these currently 12 playlists supposedly based on my musical tastes, right now at the writing of this post only the first one comes to me with the functionality of being able to play any song included in it without having to listen to it in random mode. This morning during the recording of the video and of the seven lists that Spotify recommended to me, there were at least two that I had access to without the restriction of the random mode.

This is not the worst, and it is that as I have mentioned before, these lists should be based on recommendations according to the music that I like, the music that I usually listen to in the application and according to my own playlists stored in the history of the application, which of course is not the case either, and that is if a user who mainly listens to music from the 50s and 60s, great Rock And Roll, Rockabilly and Country hits, lists like ¡Viva Latino! , Fiesta 90tera, Top Electronica, Wake up and smile, Mopping Reggaeton, Novedades Pop, Latin pop and other lists of the same kind, rest assured that no matter how much random mode was disabled in any of these lists, rest assured that a server will not use this new functionality that is not exactly as it was painted in the official announcement of the new version of Spotify.

I believe that if Spotify will end once and for all with this limitation of listening in random mode to everyone who is not Premium, would end once and for all with all those users who resort to those modified applications that roam the network, modified applications that apart from getting rid of the annoying compulsory random mode, also get rid of the advertising integrated in the app.

Is it worth paying for Spotify Premium? What advantages does it have?

Advertising that I repeat again I think is fair and necessary and with which If Spotify removed shuffle mode once and for all, I am very sure that would increase their profits simply from advertising revenue since almost no one would grab onto those mods that circulate on the Internet.