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New teleport card (Portal) arrives at Clash Royale

New teleport card (Portal) arrives at Clash Royale

Do you want to know the new card Teleportation or Portal of Clash Royale? We have heard about it through a blog, and everything indicates that it would be the new card to arrive at Clash Royale. And it is that 4 new cards have just arrived: lumberjack, trunk, rock thrower and ice spirit, however, with what has been delayed the update, everything indicates that one could soon appear new teleport letter in Clash Royale.

We love that new cards are coming to Clash Royale. And the guys from the Italian blog, Supercellfan.it, confirmed it to us a few hours ago. This new letter has been discovered after decompiling the code, so could come with the next update.

Teleport Card (or portal) Clash Royale

The code of the apps and/or games always reveals interesting data for future updates. On this occasion, we talk about this teleport or portal card, which could be a spell.

Through the guys on Reddit, we have learned more about the new portal card, portal spell, etc. You already know that the translations can change, so we don’t want to make the name official until it is officially confirmed on the Clash Royale blog or twitter.


In the code we were able to find the previous strings, which refer to the future actions that the card will perform. Go up, go down, turn red or green, etc.

How will the portal work?

The portal could follow a offensive or defensive strategy. It’s possible that it would allow us to reach certain areas of the game board, which would be spectacular, or who knows if it would keep enemies away from our towers. Either way, promise. The use that I like the most is the one we see in the main image, placing it in front of the river for example and taking us to the tower… it would be amazing, we will have to wait until we know how it works.

The Portal elixir cost would be 5.

We really want to know everything about this new teleport card for Clash Royale. It would arrive except for changes with the next update from one moment to the next, to see if as the days go by we learn more information to tell you everything.

What do you think of this new card?