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New screenshots from Conception II

New screenshots from Conception II

Atlus studio, responsible for Conception II, has published new graphics depicting the main character’s best friend – Chlotz.

The main character meets Chelotz on the first day of school and befriends him quickly. The recognized figure is the proverbial “fifth wheel of the wagon”. He is a gifted technician and he can take advantage of it. Unfortunately, she has to deal with comparisons to her older sister every day. Chloe, because that’s what we’re talking about here is a classic genius. Thanks to her very good academic results and a large amount of published papers, she was promoted to a teacher at Aterra Academy. Chlotz, despite constantly living in the shadow of his sister, believes in his talent and possibilities. In addition, he appreciates the ties that bind him with his sister and is always willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of friends.

Some players will notice that Chlotz is modeled after Yosuke Hanamura – one of the main characters of Persona 4.

The game already had its premiere in Japan. Americans will be able to enjoy this production on April 15, 2014. Unfortunately, the Old Continent has not yet received the exact release date.