Movie review: Star Wars: Skywalker. Revival

Star Wars is one of the biggest brands in the world. Millions of fans from around the world are waiting for the next movies, series, games or books from this universe. A legendary brand that has, unfortunately, gone into decline recently due to controversial decisions that divided fans. The Last Jedi, the saga’s previous movie, divided the fans and split them into two camps. The emotions were so extreme that it was impossible to approach the new film without angering either side of the dispute.

I don’t envy JJ Abrams. He returned after filming the 7th episode and had to get down to it somehow. A breakneck job that finally gave us the end of not only the last trilogy, but the entire history of the Skywalkers.

I’m not a fan of The Last Jedi, and I have no trouble telling what went wrong in this movie. I wasn’t the only one with that. A very large crowd of fans shared their dissatisfaction with the film and Disney decided to listen to them. It seems to me that the initial script of the film was thrown into the trash and the creators sat down in front of forums, YouTube, social networks and wrote down on a piece of paper what people did not like and approached the new film with such a checklist. Watching Skywalker. From the revival, I had the impression every now and then that the next points on this list are ticked off.

The action of the film gallops forward all the time. Abrams had to “fix” all the errors and omissions that Johnson left behind. As a result, we have to visit a large number of planets here and get a lot of answers to the question that has been bothering us since 2015. Fortunately, the pace is never tiresome, so the viewer doesn’t feel like he’s not keeping up with the characters.

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If, like me, you have a negative attitude towards Last Jedi, then you should leave the screening satisfied. Seriously, watching this movie I felt like Abrams was sitting next to me, hugging me and saying to me, “Hey Bartek, remember how out of place was the scene where Luke was throwing a lightsaber behind his back? Well then, that should make it up to you. Oh, and do you remember how ridiculous the scene with Leia in space was? Well, maybe a little extra exposure will make the scene a little more bearable? ” And there are plenty of such moments here. Sometimes it felt as if the creators were reading my mind and showing me exactly what I expect.

And I just feel sorry for those who liked the Last Jedi and wanted to see the continuation of that vision … although no, on the other hand, I am not entirely sorry for them. So purely human, selfish. I’m glad it turned out to be mine and the ending is in my style. Nevertheless, I know how the fans of that film feel now – just like me when I left the cinema disappointed two years ago.

Skywalker. The revival is of course not a perfect work. It has its drawbacks, but to a large extent they result from the desire to repair what was broken before. Disney had two great endings to certain eras this year. After Avengers Endgame, it’s time for the Star Saga to end. And unfortunately, in such a direct match, Star Wars loses, because some of the threads were added at the last minute, when they could have been easily drawn in the previous film. Thanks to this, we would have more time to get to know some characters and to care more about their fate.

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It’s hard not to say that Rise of Skywalker draws a lot from Return of the Jedi. I like the structure very much, and I think it is inevitable in such final chapters. The climax of the movie is, of course, the epic fight against evil, which looks amazing, but compared to the Avengers mentioned earlier, it fares worse. Precisely because on the screen we do not really see characters with whom we could get close. The sight of Falcon or the Black Panther evokes more emotions than the faces of the anonymous pilots of the resistance movement.

The actors are a plus. Especially the main three – Rey, Finn and Poe are doing a great job. The chemistry between them is great, and it’s really a shame that it wasn’t until the third installment of the new trilogy that they were allowed to spend screen time together. They have so much fun in each other’s company that you would like more.

The droids headed by C-3PO are great, as their lyrics made people laugh every now and then. BB-8 and R2D2 are still the favorites of the youngest. Even the new robot – DO is nice, although it must be admitted that it starts to get tight at times with these droids.

It’s great to see Billy Dee Williams again as Lando Calrissian. His performance is extremely warm and harmonizes perfectly with the tone of the film. This isn’t the only recurring character from earlier movies of course, but I won’t be saying anything else.

Star Wars, of course, are high-budget movies, so the effects and performance are at the highest level. This is something that has not been possible to complain about so far. The effects are great, the planets you visit are interesting and distinctive. And this even despite the fact that we are visiting another desert planet here. Each one has its own charm and character, which has been perfectly presented not only by computer effects, but also by practical ones.

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And in the same superlatives I can say about the soundtrack. John Williams, as usual, gives an example of what an outstanding composer is. Although, of course, we have a large part of recycling of known songs here, they are combined perfectly and I can not wait until the full track will be available on streaming services (and I will probably buy the album for the collection).

Skywalker. Rebirth is also the end of the entire Star Saga and in this role, in my opinion, it works great. We have here a closure of many threads, often those originating from the 1970s. A considerable tribute to the entire universe was paid here. Not only the original trilogy got her portion of love, but also prequels and the Clone Wars series. I think many fans, like me, will be pleased. The icing on the cake is the music that plays in the credits. It ends just like it all began.

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