Motorball is the multiplayer arcade most similar to Rocket League on Android

Noodlecake Studios released the Motorball beta days ago and it is the most similar game to Rocket League that we can find right now on Android. In fact we are waiting for the arrival of it shortly.

So while this alternative from this prolific video game studio may be more than interesting. A game online multiplayer arcade that has a top view to enjoy games between two players in which you try to score 3 goals before your opponent.

For fans of Rocket League on PC and consoles

Rocket League has made a good space for itself in the world of video games thanks to its winning bid to put vehicles in a soccer field in which the ball is huge. And in fact it is the same thing that happens in Motorball, but with the difference that here we do it from the limitation of the top view.

Although it also has its own to be able to enjoy those games in which we will have almost half of the field on the mobile screen. An online multiplayer game in which we have to manage to score three goals before the adversary. And we can tell you that it is not easy at all, since we will have to manage with our vehicle to try to score goals as well as avoid them.

So we always have to try face the ball with the front of our vehicle so that the clash allows us to shoot at the goal or at least get closer to the outskirts of it. Knowing how to play football and positioning yourself properly both to attack and defend comes in a bit here.

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Use the skills to take advantage in Motorball

the truth that Motorball is a well arranged game and that in a short time makes us immerse ourselves in their games to move forward and acquire improvements so that our vehicle, or others that we can unlock, allows us to win one game after another.

Here we go into that freemium and those eye-catching screens with vivid colors in the purest Supercell style and that encourages us to continue playing to progress and face the best. As we do not have classification tables and those points that we have to obtain in order to adequately improve our car, which will become the best guarantee to harvest victories.

It is important to go using abilities and powers that we have on the field of play, since it implies that we can blow up the opponent or take great speed to go directly towards the ball and score one of those goals that the fans make.

Lots of content to unlock

In this type of games the content is important to be able to access new cars, paints, stickers, turbo trails and much more of what awaits us in Motorball. We also have the option of using emoticons before and after the game to add that emotion to a game that, if everything goes well and Rocket League lets you, can become another multiplayer to consider for the coming months.

Visually and technically, he wins a lot with a few games that do not exert too much pressure on our mobiles and that allow us to enjoy some interesting clashes with well-executed object physics for the ball and the cars that enter the competition. Now it remains to continue updating in the beta, acquiring more players and content that makes you have the best excuse to continue playing.

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Motorball comes to Android waiting for Rocket League to arrive and eager to gain a foothold in the online multiplayer that populate the Play Store; and the truth is that there are many. If you feel like the aforementioned, don’t delay and go install it now.

Editor’s opinion

It has enough to win over an entire community of players who enjoy casual games between two players on board a racing car.

Punctuation: 6.5

The best

  • Interesting perspective for games between two players
  • goes like silk
  • Good object physics


  • Nothing, even being in beta

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