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Minecraft Pocket Edition receives payment skins, jackpots and more in the new version

Minecraft Pocket Edition receives payment skins, jackpots and more in the new version

I remember the first steps of Minecraft Pocket Edition in its alpha phase where you could hardly do many of the things that have made this video game great at levels unattainable by many others. A fairly small box was the one that you had before you to find some metals and the possibility it offered to be able to show what a version for mobile devices that had infinite worlds, a real survival mode and the ability to create all the crafts that one would like to create those structures and buildings that will amaze friends or family.

This version is the one that we already have in our hands for a few updates, and today we can say that we have a great Minecraft from the palm of our hand. Some updates that are coming, as happened less than a month ago, when One of those older women arrived and they make our day so much. Something that also happens today when I receive another one that brings news such as skins, boats, support for multiple languages ​​and other small details that I will comment on below.

Skins as micropayments

The big news is the option to buy skins within the application which will allow Mojang to receive more economic benefits, since we are facing one of the most important customizations of Minecraft and that allows us to differentiate ourselves from other players, which can be counted in the millions.

These skins are available for free, while others come in packages of skins that can be purchased for € 0.99. Free skins for bards, bandits, castaways, farmers or foresters They are free from the application, while others more curious such as the miner or mime await you for payment. A customization that gives Minecraft Pocket Edition more entity in preparation for a possible arrival in the near future of Internet games.

I mention these games online because Mojang integrated a developer into his squad who has proven his worth with a version of Minecraft that featured online games, which will allow us to play with thousands of players from our mobile device and leave those local games.

To finish in relation to the skins, do not worry about the limited number of existing ones, since the application also allows you to upload your own, including those from Minecraft Skin Studio.

Other novelties

Another curious novelty of Minecraft Pocket Edition is the appearance of the boats for two. You can take your favorite pet or go with another player. A small feature but one that takes more relevance for multiplayer games.

Do not forget to try the fishing that was introduced in the previous update, and in what is this new, the support for multiple languages ​​is another of its characteristics. As always We will wait for more news such as the commented of games on the Internet that will open another world from mobile devices. We are facing one of those video games that has created its own genre and that has become essential for millions of players. The Minecraft era has only just begun.