Miitomo is now available in Spain, the first game from the great Nintendo

That Nintendo is ready to roll up her sleeves and betting heavily on smartphones means many things. Among all of them, it stands out that we can access a type of video game that usually goes beyond the commercial and standardized with other types of gameplays. We really need Nintendo in a Google Play Store full of video games where retro is at its best. The unmistakable style of Nintendo will hit hard, and this will be a matter of months that we see it.

Today it finally lands Miitomo officially in our country and opens the way for more titles to arrive from one of the essential companies in the entertainment scene. Nintendo is installed from today on your smartphone to launch new video games that show that we are at the beginning of a new era with video games. Now we can only enjoy the social aspect of this video game while the great characters of the Japanese company have to fall.

Miitomo follow that such a particular aesthetic and that style which has led him to be one of the participants in creating the world of video game entertainment as we know it today. Nintendo has served as a source of inspiration for hundreds of video games and ideas that we see today in all kinds of themes. For this reason, Miitomo has something special and that shows when you start your own story with this app.

This video game is mainly a social one which could be a mix between what is a social network, a bit of The Sims and an entertainment center where we can play different minigames. You create your Mii, answer questions, personalize it, and buy it clothes and other objects as you earn coins from games or carry out certain actions. What to say, that we are facing a freemium model with micropayments to customize our Mii.

So do not delay in creating your Miitomo account, build the personality of your Mii and invite your friends to Miitomo. Nintendo is here.