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Michael Pachter on the 4K TV market

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Michael Pachter on the 4K TV market

Michael Pachter is a well-known gaming market analyst. We have been able to read his opinions about how the market behaves more than once. This time he decided to talk about his attitude towards 4K TVs.

The saturation of the market with 4K TVs is – to put it mildly – low. In the US, it is around 5%. 4K TVs are too expensive. I was just buying a TV for the other room myself. Having the choice between Samsung 55 inch 1080p curved screen for $ 700 and the same UHD TV for $ 1100. I thought about it and realized that it’s not worth paying the $ 400 extra. There are no TV programs in 4K. I can watch Netflix in 4K and play the Xbox Scorpio next year, but does that mean that I need a suitable TV now? The answer is no. I do not need it. Yes, I can do it, but I just don’t need it. That’s why I think chasing that niche is stupid.

As you can see, not only in terms of content it is not very interesting. This means that perhaps chasing 4K may not be entirely good for both Microsoft and Sony. Of course, maybe next year will bring significantly cheaper 4K HDR receivers, but if you have recently replaced your TV set, you shouldn’t worry about another expense.

source: http://gamingbolt.com/its-foolish-to-chase-this-small-slice-of-4k-market-says-pachter-on-ps4-pros-lack-of-native-4k