Mewtwo and the Legendary Birds back in the new Pokémon Go event

Pokemon go continues to talk about years after his departure in mobile devices, and is not for less. Niantic’s game does not stop offering news, content and new challenges to its users. Thus, we have known the reward Ultra Bonus that will arrive in the next few days for Pokémon Go.

The Pokémon Go Ultra Bonus event will be available from September 13 at 10:00 pm (Spanish time)

Among other things, the content of the Ultra Bonus of Pokémon Go, will include among other details: The Pokémon Mr. Mime and Kangaskhan will be available at eggs of 7km away until the end of the month. In addition, the legendary birds of the first generation will be available again in the raids of the game.

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In this way, users will once again have the opportunity to capture these legendary Pokémon again. This is not the first time Niantic has added these birds to game raids (or even outside of them), but still, it is good that you take the opportunity.

Even so, one of the news that has stood out the most in Pokemon Go in recent days, it is Mewtwo’s return to Pokémon Go at the end of the month. Thus, the trainers will have the opportunity to recapture the mythical Pokémon of the first generation … Without a doubt, one of the most coveted creatures from Niantic’s mobile game.

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What do you think of the return of the legendary birds? Do you have all these Pokémon in your Pokémon Go Pokédex?