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Meet the Montacarneros, the new Legendary card of Clash Royale

Meet the Montacarneros, the new Legendary card of Clash Royale

Through a video that came out today on the official Clash Royale channel on YouTube, it was possible to meet the Ram Riders, the new legendary card in the game. This will be available within 5 days. Nevertheless, you can unlock it in the special challenge that will be active from tomorrow.

Even though it looks a lot like the Hog Rider or the Battle Ram, the Ram Rider has a new and special feature. So if you want to know more about this, relax and enjoy what comes next.

Discover the novelty and uniqueness of the Montacarneros!

Supercell was in a bit of a hurry to release this new legendary card. In fact, the same developer had already shown the statistics of the Montacarneros on their social networksmaking all kinds of rumors official.

Physically very similar to the Hog Rider and with characteristics similar to the Battle Ram, the Ram Rider is a legendary card that It will cost 5 elixir points. In addition, it will have a double function:

Statistically it will have 1461 hit points and will have 440 hit points. It will not become a tank but it will have more life than the Montapuercos.

The novelty of this letter is that When the Rider attacks, she immobilizes targets she hits for 2 seconds. Something extremely unusual and that will surely break completely with the metagame. Next, we leave you some data and statistics of the Montacarneros.

Fun facts:

Against other cards:

Comparison with other cards:

If you want to visualize what you just read, you can watch this video of Alvaro845CEO and founder of Team Queso, explaining everything about the menu:

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