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Meet the best applications for car lovers

Meet the best applications for car lovers

Surely you are passionate about cars, but you would like to know more about their engineering or how they work. If that’s your case, you’re in luck. Since today we bring you the best apps for car lovers. So do not stop reading this article.

Automotive mechanic

An app with a fairly precise name and that goes bluntly. It is an ideal app if you are one of those who prefers to learn everything by watching a tutorial. With this app you can Learn through videos several tricks to solve common faults in automobiles. All the videos available in the app are real exercises. Undoubtedly the best way to learn mechanics from your mobile.

With auto mechanics you can share experiences and clarify doubts with other users. Since it has a function to chat with other people interested in learning mechanics. The content available in the application is quite varied and best of all is that the app is updated weekly.

Try this wonderful application by downloading it Google Play Store from the link below.


Torque is a perfect app for any lover of mechanics and for novices as well. This is an app that It allows you to perform a complete diagnosis on your car. All you have to do is connect your mobile to your car’s control unit to know its status in real time. This connection can be made by cable or via Bluetooth. The recommended for the use of the app is an ELM327 v1.5 OBDII wireless Bluetooth car diagnostic.

How to detect car problems from a mobile

Through this connection we can diagnose mechanical failures, in addition to doing the maintenance reset for our car. with torque you can get the fault codes of your engine without having to go through the workshop. Definitely a must-have app that will keep your car protected.

Download this app through the following link.

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering is a complete manual for automobiles. With this app you can have all the engineering of your car at hand with graphs and diagrams. This app is capable of covering more than 185 automotive engineering topics. These topics are divided into 5 units so you can soak up every detail about your car.

The main objective of this application is to cover as many topics as possible so that you can know the composition of the car you drive. Also all topics are presented with diagrams and equations with a very explanatory text and quite easy to understand.

Become an expert in automotive engineering by downloading this app from here.

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