May the force be with you in Star Wars: Revolution

For soon we will be before the seventh installment of this saga of science fiction and is none other than Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens. Remembering those times when you wanted to be Luke Skywalker and have a partner like R2D2 and the talkative C3P0, we went through different video games that get us closer to those feelings.

Now we have another one of those video games that allow us get closer to the light side of the force in order to face the dangerous and evil characters that have swarmed this saga for time immemorial. To remember old times past we go straight with this title to the story located in the third installment, Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and what would be the new movie The Awakening of the Force.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

“These are troubled times. Governor Adelhard has forged an iron blockade around the Anoat sector to prevent the spread of the fall of Emperor Palpatine, which occurred a few months before…«. This is how our story begins in Star Wars: Revolution with that tune so identifying and that causes the heartbeat to increase as its tune goes by.

The great premise with this new title for mobile devices is to take us to massive games in which we can create our own character and cooperate in real time with friends, so it has a very interesting multiplayer aspect.

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And if we look for some similar ones, let’s say that this video game enters be part of those many Diablo-style RPGs where we have to overcome the small maps where we can handle our hero to face the good potpourri of enemies that are part of this video game.

The Star Wars universe

This new title arrives with the premise of quickly putting us into action, so after going on to create the character, to whom we can choose the gender, some other retouch like hairstyle cut or what the skin tone is, it will take us to a series of missions so that we can get used to the game mechanics. Very similar to games like Taichi Panda from Snailgames.

We will start with more difficult missions and some that take us to the multiplayer aspect of Star Wars: Revolution that will try to rise to the list of most downloaded games. Cooperative games will be the most interesting thing that lends us to enjoy and all that halo to Star Wars that squanders everywhere. I know it’s a lot like other games like the one mentioned above, but on mobile there doesn’t seem to be much room for inventiveness. You launch a new video game that proposes something different, and then the different important companies will copy it to take it to different themes such as the medieval or, in this case, the galactic of Star Wars.

If we go to the technical level, each element it has is of a high level and leads us to be before a video game that produces good feelings in this way. It would be crazy to try to explore new mechanics when you have been given the task of bringing the world of Star Wars to a new game, but of course if you were able to do this, surely it could be one of the best of all time. Since this is not the case, we will have to give in to this new Star Wars that will at least provide us with some very good hours of entertainment in front of the screen of our smartphone.

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You got it for free with micropayments from the Play Store, and as Obi One Kenobi would say, may the force be with you.

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  • The Star Wars universe in your hand
  • Graphics, music and height effects
  • Its multiplayer aspect


  • Slow loading between screens

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