Mario jumps into the spotlight with Paper Mario: Color Splash and Mario Party: Star Rush, in stores October 7

Super Mario is getting ready for the end of 2016 full of running and jumping in a lot of old and new titles. The first two games are available in stores from October 7, i.e. an adventure game Paper Mario: Color Splash on Wii U and a crazy multiplayer arcade game Mario Party: Star Rush on consoles from the Nintendo 3DS family. In the coming months, Mario fans will be able to see how it all started with the console Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System which will hit European stores on November 11, while it will premiere in December Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and the first Mario game designed specifically for smartphones: Super Mario Run.

The first game that just hit Europe, Paper Mario: Color Splash, is a fun adventure game in which our hero discovers that colors are being sucked out of Prism Island. Consequently, she decides to retrieve the Big Paint Stars that have mysteriously disappeared. Mario will take part in many battles – he will have to use Battle Cards and his new Paint Hammer to defeat enemies and splash paint all over Prism Island. And all of this during a mission to solve a colorful puzzle. Gamers can experience the unique humor that is abundant in the game in the new YouTube trailer titled Paper Mario: Color Splash – Outtakes (failed scenes).

An action-packed party game has also hit the shelves Mario Party: Star Rush for consoles from the Nintendo 3DS family. In the latest installment of the Mario Party series, the gameplay will be completely changed. The game is faster and players move at the same time, which allows you to develop many completely new strategies. Those who want to have fun with others can also download the free Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest*, allowing four friends to have fun together, even if only one of them has a copy of the full game. People without an app Party Guest they can also try some game modes using Download Play.

To celebrate the release of Mario Party: Star RushDonkey Kong, Wario, Rosalina and the glow in the dark Boo will create a second series of collections amiibo Super Mario. All figurines are also available in stores from October 7. On November 4, the series will be expanded to include Diddy Kong, Daisy and Waluigi. All new amiibo in the Super Mario Collection are compatible with Mario Party: Star Rush. If the player has a compatible amiibo on which the game data is saved Mario Party 10 on the Wii U, you can apply them in Mario Party: Star Rush** in order to obtain a special cube in the new Toad Scramble mode.

Those who have not yet had the opportunity to play Mario Party 10they have had a new excuse to get to know this title for some time, because it has joined the group of games available under the brand Nintendo Selects for the Wii U, as is the first four-person three-dimensional platformer from Mario, SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD. In addition to them, Nintendo Selects is also available New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U. All these Mario games are a guarantee of having fun with others. Each of them can be purchased for only PLN 109.80 PLN Nintendo eShop Wii U console or via Nintendo UK official website on a computer or mobile device ***.

Anyone who wants to play even more classic Mario games can check out how it all started with the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System, which will hit stores on November 11. It will include 30 NES classics, including the first Mario games, Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.cult platformers Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 and a crazy action-packed puzzle Dr. Mario.

Mario will make a long leap forward again in December with the premiere Super Mario Run, the first full-size platformer Super Mario Bros. designed for mobile devices. Mario himself runs forward, but only by tapping on the screen will he jump over obstacles, avoid enemies and jump to the flag that ends the level. Users will be able to download the game Super Mario Run for free and try out some of its features, then pay a certain price to enjoy the full game.

It will also have its premiere in December Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DSwhere the foundation is creating and playing levels anytime, anywhere. While on the go, you can create boards in many ways, thanks to the availability of almost all tools from the Wii U version, interactive lessons and the ability to work together on projects in the local network. In this version of the game it is not possible to share boards via the Internet, but it is possible to download levels created with the Wii U game. Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS There will also be 100 Nintendo-designed boards with new challenges, such as collecting all the coins or defeating every opponent on the board, making Mario playable in even more ways.

Super Mario grows stronger in 2016 with the launch of Mario Party: Star Rush for Nintendo 3DS and Paper Mario: Color Splash for Wii U, as well as the new amiibo Super Mario collection series. Fire up six classic Mario titles on the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System on November 11, and this December, play Mario in new ways in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS and Super Mario Run.


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* Nintendo Network ID registration and acceptance of the Nintendo Network Agreement and privacy policy are required. You need at least one copy of Mario Party: Star Rush to play in multiplayer. Multiplayer is not possible if you only own Mario Party: Star Rush – Party Guest.

** It is necessary to use the NFC function of the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL consoles or the amiibo NFC Reader / Writer accessory for other consoles from the Nintendo 3DS family.

*** Purchasing Nintendo eShop games through the official website is only possible if you have a Nintendo Account linked to your Nintendo Network ID. Please visit the Nintendo eShop on your console at least once before making a purchase.

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